If there was one type of casino that benefited in the final year of the pandemic, it was online casinos. Online gambling sites have taken advantage of the fact that the restrictions caused by Covid-19 do not allow gamblers who like to bet to go to their usual place.

Land-based casinos have been replaced by online sitesThis leads to many players getting used to this type of game and never going back to their usual game room. Once the hardest part of this phase is over, the real reality comes. And it is that the players feel very comfortable in the casinos and they come back at some point.

This is why Spain has very good casinos, because there really is a loyal clientele who go there regularly whenever they can and the situation allows. And if it is already beneficial for the companies in the sector to maintain this type of location for the leisure enjoyment of many people, then what to say when a new casino is opened in a context like the current one?

This happened on the island of Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands. Last November, the so-called Gran Casino Fuerteventura was inaugurated, specifically in the municipality of La Oliva, in the town of Corralejo. A new casino pretending to be a whole new tourist attraction for the area.

And it so happens that Corralejo is a tourist resort on the northeast coast of the island. An old fishing village that combines everything a visitor could wish for: paradisiacal beaches, volcanoes with great views, a natural park with endangered species, a nearby bird sanctuary and a good range of restaurants and hotels.

A cocktail that the pandemic had unsettled and that had left him quite orphaned. And since the islands have also become a magnet for casino tourism over the years, the authorities and companies in the industry now see a good opportunity. The Gran Casino Costa Meloneras in Gran Canaria is a good mirror for viewing the archipelago itself.

The fact is that the ceremonial inauguration of the new gaming center was scheduled for the first quarter of 2021, however, there have been certain delays in the construction and acceptance of the licenses due to some controversy over the granting of the licenses to implement a second casino in Fuerteventura.

And it is that the Gran Casino Antigua in Elba Hotels of El Castillo was the first to start operating on this island. However, the Cabildo de Canarias concluded that The appearance of a second complex that could revitalize and revitalize the tourist life of the area would be good.

Automáticos Canarios and Grupo Orenes then joined forces in this project to make the Gran Casino Fuerteventura a reality. The two companies were life insurance for the authorities as they have vast industry experience and are already responsible for managing other casinos in the Canary Islands which are running like clockwork.

More precisely, Automáticos Canarios has been in the leisure sector for more than 30 years, providing gambling, restaurant, casino and bingo services to many other factories that need and require it. They have 200+ professionals, multiple awards and a promising expansion they are starting to roll out across Europe.

And on the part of the Orenes Group, there is no great doubt as it is a benchmark in Spain. They have more than 50 years of work behind them, a team of more than 3,000 employees and a flora of 8 casinos on the Peninsula and 3 in Mexico, as well as 21 bingo halls, 300 gaming venues, almost 500 betting sites and more than 30 restaurants.

Neither of them hesitated to consider a casino project of this magnitude. In fact, both have worked together who train more than 60 employees professionally that have become part of the new casino. They made it with training on games and the work of a dealer.

However, it has to be mentioned that there really is a bit of everything, because the casino is not just about the scores. There is also a restaurant and a sports bar where you can rest after players have placed their respective bets. In these places they can follow the outstanding sporting events of the moment.

But the best thing is that the building has also been equipped with complementary services that can also serve the island of Fuerteventura in other aspects. We are talking about an event hall, an exhibition and concert hall, a theater hall, sports facilities and even a swimming pool. That’s thanks The Hotel Bahía de Lobos housed the casino as if it were a son.

The The investment was around 10 million euros and this was stated at the inauguration of the building. An event attended by personalities from across the island and filled with slots, from slots stands to blackjack tables, roulette and other available games.

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