For those who don’t know, Tarragona is one of the star cities that every player in Catalonia must visit. Capital of the province, the seventh largest city in the municipality and one of the most historically significant areas during the Roman Empire. It’s impossible to ignore in terms of its relevance as well as everything it has to offer in terms of leisure.

Not only does it preserve many ancient ruins such as the Tarraco Colony, the Roman Amphitheater, the Forum or the Early Christian Cemetery. It also has the appeal of being on the northeast coast and having a rural part that gives access to more mountainous areas. As for the game it has the Casino Tarragonaowned and run by Casino Barcelona gives great vitality to the city. However, A new agent may be landing in the port city shortly.

Various local media in the area (including were TAC12 And Tarragona newspaper Those who have been the most active and have published the most information on the subject have posted messages suggesting this The old building of the Caixa Tarragona could soon become a new casino.

The proposal would have already reached the building’s owner, who is none other than BBVA Bank, although the company neither confirms nor denies the facts for the time being, merely pointing out that there is currently no open sale process. Additionally, due to municipal planning regulations, the plan appears viable despite the proximity of other gaming centers with similar activity.

The new casino would be located on the previous ground floor of the block would also share the facilities with a bingo. The total construction area of ​​about 7,000 square meters would be accompanied by a hotel complex that would occupy the remaining floors and could have up to 200 rooms.

The gambling sector in Tarragona would welcome a new agent of this nature, not only because of the large amount of tourism it could attract, but also because it would encourage visitors to come outside of the peak summer season that they are currently in. . It could be a solution to the seasonal tourism process you want to do.

And while a new physical casino may conflict with the development of the online casino industry, the truth is that the new slot machines, roulette wheels, poker and bingo tables may already be on their way to land at Plaza Imperial Tarraco.

This is the Caixa Tarragona

The building chosen for this initiative has so far served as the former headquarters of the Caixa Tarragona. Its construction dates back to 1975 and it was carried out on the occasion of the preparation of the offices for the future Provincial Savings Bank of Tarragona. From then on, it has been an accomplice in all the changes and mergers of these financial companies.

The so-called as Caixa Tarragona disappeared in 2010 after merging with Caixa Catalunya and Caixa Manresa. The new name was Catalunya Caixa and the nerve center was moved to Barcelona. Therefore, the Tarragona Provincial Council took over the adjacent facilities after they were abandoned in 2013.

The auditorium on the ground floor was repeatedly used to organize concerts by local artists, but after the end of the move in 2020 everything remained abandoned and in the hands of the BBVA, an organization that later took over Catalonia. caixa

It’s been three years since then and that’s becoming clear little by little The structure has noticed the lack of maintenance. What once became a nerve center of the financial sector with great territorial importance now has a run-down appearance. Graffiti and graffiti have made their way into a place as central as Plaza Imperial Tarraco.

In the last step, a CBRE real estate poster covered a large part of the facade and informed about the possibility of acquiring the building. And it seems that there is already a prospective buyer if the idea of ​​the new casino catches on with the city authorities, who will surely need convincing with a truly viable plan.

Not only is Catalonia one of the areas with the most casinos, arcades and bingos in the entire country, but in recent years it has overtaken the Autonomous Community of Madrid in terms of the billing of these centers. And if the mission is that tourism should be distributed throughout the year and not just in the summer period, movements of this kind seem to be the right ones.

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