As with every business in our most recent industry, all companies have a responsibility for the work they do. Every company must take into its own hands the impact and consequences of what it sells or produces. And online casinos would be no less up to the task.

A task called corporate social responsibility, which alludes to the responsibility that every organization has towards the environment in which it operates and towards the society to which it belongs. But in the field of betting sites, we will talk about the concept of responsible gambling.

The game, like any other, is a leisure and entertainment option that brings great benefits to the players who enjoy it. But having fun also means staying in control when it counts. There are users who do not know how to behave properly in such a situation and need the help of the market participants themselves.

And that’s why online casinos show their commitment to society and players Tools that protect your customers. They ensure that the gaming experience is safe, that there are no problems arising from gambling activities and that if they do arise, they are dealt with and resolved promptly.

Since prevention is better than cure, the operators always set up control and self-management mechanisms for the users. In some cases their existence is required by law, in other cases they are promoted by the websites themselves. We are talking about the imposition of self limits that any player can handle and that make gaming and betting a better experience.

Self-limits are limits that each player imposes on themselves for what they do and are ultimately monitored by the casinos that give them the green light.

Deposit Limits

Deposit limits are one of the main mechanisms designed to prevent the player from investing too much money in betting. The law stipulates that there must be a limit to the amount of money a player can deposit in a given period of time. Specific €600 per day, €1,500 per week and €3,000 per month.

However, these limits can be changed by users in the settings of their account with each operator to both increase and decrease them. In both cases, players must fill out a Gambling Prevention Questionnaire as set out by the General Directorate for Gambling Regulation in Spain.

After 24 hours, the casino must review the request for new limits, review the questionnaire and apply the changes unless there is an unusual incident. AND In the event that the player eventually hits the limits, he will not be able to make any more deposits.

Game Limits

Somewhat similar to deposit limits are play limits. When a Player accesses a Slot Machine at an Operator, a Previous window where he has to determine how long the session should last and how much money he expects to spend.

If sometime If these values ​​are reached, the slot machine closes automatically. This is a good form of warning as there are customers who are able to spend hours and hours in front of a slot machine unaware of the time and money they are spending. This will help you keep track.

It even comes with an option to temporarily restrict access to the slots section, and more radically, one can opt for that too self-exclusion of the user of an online casino. When you feel like you can’t control yourself and it’s time for a break, you can.

activity limits

Also, the activity limits are somewhat similar to the previous ones we’ve seen. This is simply a notification from the casino to the player of how long they have been playing the game on the site. In this way, the user is encouraged to be aware of what they are doing and what they are playing.

Activity alerts can also be managed and modified from the user account. Again, the casino has to give their approval and you have to wait a few hours before you see the change in these limits.

age restrictions

Here the game operators are much more blunt and the legal situation is much clearer in this regard. No underage person can play at an online casino and they must ensure that this does not happen.

For this reason, at the time of registration, the date of birth and the number of the national identity card (DNI) are requested to verify that the person who wants to start playing is who they say they are. This data is checked by all websites in cooperation with the DGOJ.

For the same reason, a photocopy of proof of identity is required for a withdrawal. But as we can understand, this is not a self-restraint as such, but a mandatory process that must be strictly followed.

Please help or advice

However, when a situation arises where a user realizes that they need help related to their gaming experience, online casinos have a responsibility to provide assistance Agreements with associations and companies that guarantee support to this player class.

Through the telephone number and other mechanisms, those affected are contacted to advise them on how to solve the problems that prevent them from betting with peace of mind and having fun.

Even the casino itself can provide assistance in this regard through their customer service or support section. Commitment to responsible gambling requires it.

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