Casinos are structures designed and prepared to entertain even the bravest gamblers. Inside are prepared all the games and spectacles that the bets and their surroundings can offer. But a casino can also become an attraction from the outside, especially if it is one of the largest in the world.

Canada is one of the top gambling countries and therefore needs casinos that cater to the passion of its citizens. Not only what is inside the building counts, but also what is outside. If not, tell them about Casino Niagara, which is a pleasure to visit.

This time we focus on what is Canada’s largest casino. He Casinos in Montréal, famous for housing the Expo 67 pavilions, for its location in a purely tourist area and for its spectacular transport links. Even if you are not a fan of the game, you should approach this place.

History of Montreal Casino

Montreal Casino Pavilions

The Montréal Casino began operations in 1993 and has been designed to be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The company that has operated it since its inception is the Société des Casinos du Quebec (SCQ), a public and governmental body that brings profits to local governments through the region’s gaming halls. It’s not the only one who has done so, as a year before he was commissioned to open various centers across the Canadian country.

This building was one of the most prominent and was widely accepted by the gaming community from the start. In the first few weeks it broke unimaginable records and in More than 750,000 visits were recorded in the first year. As of 2013, after a transformation, it becomes a virtual tourist attraction. Its architecture attracts even people who are not particularly interested in the game.

And it is that the building has a huge expandable multimedia screen, 14 meters wide and 21 meters long, which you cannot see up close, at least from the outside. In addition, it has two other pavilions with which it is associated, such as the France Pavilion and the Quebec Pavilion. Both were built for the 1967 Expo and were the most visited in Quebec. Now they are connected to the casino and function as a meeting room, banquets and events organized by the gaming room.

The casino building has a total of six floors where all the fun unfolds. Totaling $95 million to build, it was one of the crown jewels of the gaming system that Quebec wanted to build around itself.

Surroundings of the Montreal Casino

Surroundings of the Montreal Casino

This room is located in a well-known location in Canada. The one known as Notre Dame Island It is an artificial island that was built in 1967 for this year’s Expo. From this place, a very touristic and exclusive area of ​​Quebec, you can access the coast and the Lachine Rapids, where many athletes train to later compete in the Canoeing Olympics, or just for fun.

The San Lorenzo River offers the casino the opportunity to be very close to these attractions Be part of Parc Jean-Drapeua green area of ​​the island and where you will also find the Gilles Villeneuve circuit, where the Canadian Formula 1 Grand Prix is ​​held every year. In the high season, this area is a constant flow of tourists, while in the low season, the players who come to the casino breathe life into the place.

Casinos in Montréal

The Montreal Casino area

The Casino de Montreal has reserved an area for its gaming area that is very close to the casino 50,000 square meters. The three buildings that make it up allow hosting more than 3,200 slot machines of all kinds, from the most classic machines to modules with the possibility of betting on various virtual games, including lottery and video machines. What is perhaps most surprising is its commitment to keno, with regular games that mimic what other casinos do with bingo.

At gaming tables there is a large exhibition with more than a hundred games, and all these games are available to the customer:

One of the most comprehensive casinos that we have seen in this regard and in terms of variants of the same game, as in the case of blackjack. In addition, you can participate if you are one of those who are still in the process of getting interested in betting or if you are new to a game “Area” before you start playing. Is a part of the room where groups are organized and the basic rules are taught and how to play the variant desired by the user. What would be introductory courses and initial contact? The stakes are very low in this part to ensure players don’t lose too many chips before they can join other bettors at the real tables.

The entire gaming area is enlivened by three bars and five restaurants. There is fast food, Asian food, free buffet and typical Quebec food. Their presence and collaboration at events and shows is vital to the casino. As an example we give the New Year’s Eve party, where there are prizes and gifts and thousands of people come with their respective invitations. Sometimes access is free and other times you need a card.

The car park is free and there is a cloakroom if you are already thinking about going to that reserved space.

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