The casino as a tourist attraction. A maxim that many countries, especially in Europe, have followed in recent years. In the race for maximum visitor numbers, a new enemy like Covid-19 has emerged, preventing free movement and making the sector even more complicated. And to overcome its impact, Game Centers become even more important.

Not so long ago, the island of Fuerteventura was also added with the inauguration of the new Gran Casino Fuerteventura. But it’s not the only area that’s been mulling something similar in recent months. Paradise Andorra wanted to offer Andorra La Vella a new option in the entertainment offer. A new casino whose details and even its name are already known: Unnic.

The Jocs company will be responsible for the management of a new building already under construction It should be available from autumn 2022. This private company was the winner of the Andorran government’s public tender to award the new casino license.

Unnic will be the one first casino built in the Principality, since its residents, who are most inclined to face-to-face gambling, have until now had to seek out the nearest available centers on the border with France. The JOA casino in Ax-les-Thermes is just under 40 kilometers from the capital, although Font-Romeu is also around the same distance.

Players no longer have to devote their entire activity to online casinos when they can’t get around, because Unnic also wants to be more than just a casino. And it is that the complex will occupy about 9,000 square meters and will have about ten floors in total. But only 3,500 will be reserved for the playroom. The aim is to surround it with a very diverse range of offers.

The tables for blackjack, roulette and all types of poker games match Spaces prepared to host shows, congresses and gastronomic events of all kinds. And the fact is that in reality all new casinos are going a little bit in the direction of becoming almost malls and resorts with all sorts of options for tourists.

Marc Martos himself, CEO of Jocs, indicated that the distribution will be around 80/20 in terms of terrain, with 20 going to the game and 80 to the rest. The casino will be the cornerstone but this one will attract more entertainment companies to come and overall they will make a lot of noise.

The company’s estimates suggest that the target would be there attract around 250,000 visitors They come mainly from France and Spain, but also from neighboring countries such as Portugal or Italy, as well as the United Kingdom, Russia and even Asian territories. A Investment almost 25 million euros I guess I deserve it

Are we talking about one of the best casinos in Spain in the future? Of course, Jocs has surrounded himself with the best to tackle this ambitious idea. Starting with the architect Pere Espuga, already responsible for other institutional buildings in Andorra, who will focus on an abstract and elegant design.

However, we can get the best idea when we learn that Manuel Clavel will also do his part in the construction. The Murcian was responsible for the unique facade of Casino Odysseus, the new leisure center that opened in mid-2020, although the restrictions imposed by the health crisis are still leaving their mark on Murcian society.

Both have assured that they will create a space that blends into the Andorran landscape and that they will do their best. Unnic will be located around and connected to the Plaza del Poble, so the green spaces and natural spaces will also become part of the new entertainment ecosystem that the casino will create.

An ecosystem that wants to emerge 200 new jobs directly and 500 indirectly. Starting with a trade school opening in a few months. We are talking about a very good contribution to the sector in a country that has betting and slot machines centers but lacks a large casino-like gaming venue.

Especially when it comes to slots, Unnic can ensure that it has the best terminals on the market. And Jocs managed to work with Novomatic, one of the leading companies in technological innovation related to casino games and online gambling. The Orenes Group is also behind a project that looks very good.

Although it was not without controversy, those responsible have already assured that they are managing all the relevant permits with the Andorran authorities so as not to harm the residents of the capital in any way. When it comes to responsible gaming and gambling prevention, Unnic wants to be a reputable casino that strictly follows all the rules.

The gaming sector is winning and it seems that Andorra is winning too as this move will make it stand out on the European gaming map. Many regions are embracing casino tourism but are not finding the support they need in the international travel market. Once we understand the project, let’s look at how it grows and evolves.

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