The celebration of a World Cup is always special in the sporting arena of any country in the world. It’s such a big and massive event that it even transcends the boundaries of sport and becomes a matter of state, especially for the teams that organize it. This is football, the most prominent sport in the world of sports betting and the one that generates the most benefits.

But this Qatar 2022 World Cup looks set to break all previous and future records, perhaps because of the apparent equality of participants, or perhaps because of the football fans’ desire for an event of this nature. Dude. Various consulting firms advocate numbers that would be enough generated $35,000 millionwith impressive estimates in casinos like those in the United States.

Online casinos would play a fundamental role in all of this, the ones that will generate the largest betting volume. However, physical casinos have also been looking for formulas to capitalize on the allure of this World Cup. Either through its betting terminal service or through a different set of resources. Ingenuity is not something the sector lacks, and even less so in Spain.

Some of the most famous Spanish casinos have created their own Program with celebrations related to the World Cup to try to attract the public to their rooms. But even the Hispanic salons, which don’t have that much name, have resorted to the means at their disposal to fill their spaces. The boom was real, especially in the Spanish team’s games.

live broadcasts

Undoubtedly, the technique most commonly used by casinos was that of the Live streaming of games of the football World Cup on their screens. There are players who prefer to watch the games in a physical place where they meet, they can comment as the minutes go by and they can place the bets they prefer on machines.

Casino Cirsa Valencia He was one of the first to go along with this proposal, giving up his party room for every single game Spain played in Qatar. A huge screen and an atmosphere of the case with the red and yellow colors of the Hispanic team would delight the fans of the red.

The same thing happened in the Admiral Casino of Seville, which also installed a giant screen and invited luxury storytellers (journalists and former players) to throw a great party at the final qualifiers for the title. In this case, it was not necessary to buy a ticket as would be the case in the Valencian casino.

And although they are the main gambling establishments that receive the most attention, most of the most humble betting shops throughout the Spanish territory have put on a great show for players wearing national team jerseys to come and try their luck with a bet. A formula that does not discover anything but that is strengthened in the major football tournaments.

Gifts and special bonuses

Taking advantage of the possibility of being able to openly broadcast the games, casinos have activated special packs with which they can also purchase other necessary items to comfortably watch football. We are talking about Food which allow to distinguish different types of tickets and with different prices. The same with the beverages and with fast-food menus tailored to the situation.

This is the case of the ONE Valencia restaurant at Casino Cirsa, in the capital of the Valencian Community. Exclusive entry to the facility is also included Animation elements such as scarves of selection. And they didn’t ignore either sweepstakes and gifts for purchases thanks to the collaboration of the various sponsorship brands.

In the more specific case of gaming, there are casinos that have chosen to offer promotions dedicated to the game or event in question. In this way they also sought the complicity of those present.

Integration of sports betting

Reaching a World Cup is so important that There are places that have decided to buy sports betting machines to gain greater benefits. A move that has taken hold in buildings that were initially only intended to live on casino games such as slots, roulette, blackjack, baccarat and other options, but gradually spread due to the need to optimize resources.

Spanish casinos performed very well during the event despite Spain’s early elimination in the round of 16 of the tournament. The further Luis Enrique’s team would have gone, the better the data on the houses and casinos would have been. However, they achieved very stellar numbers at an atypical time of year and took more cues from the national lottery draw in the country.

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