That cliché Happiness must be sought It’s probably one of the most heard phrases of our lives. A phrase that is really true, but as long as it is applied to scenarios and situations that we can deal with. If used in a purely random context, it’s worthless. And when we talk about chance situations, we have to talk about gambling. And it is true that casino games have their odds, but they require a very clear element of luck. And happiness isn’t for everyone.

You don’t always have to look for happiness Sometimes she’s looking for you. Roulette, poker, baccarat, craps, slot machines. In every discipline we can think of, luck is necessary. And there are people who have them by their side, accompanying them like a loyal friend, helping them wherever they go. And this is the case Elmer Sherwina famous figure for being one of the biggest winners in casino and slot machine history.

Sherwin was born in 1913 and served in the US Army. A soldier who loved casinos and, being sane and allowed to enter a gaming room for his age, frequently frequented these establishments in search of some action and luck. Although his main concern was not getting a lot of money, who doesn’t like putting a few bucks in their pocket? The American played with this mentality and was particularly fond of slot machines and reel machines. What a pure classic player.

However, the big moment came when he was already retired. At 76 he had never hit such a big jackpot in a casino, but that was about to change. In 1989, Sherwin and his wife had to travel to Las Vegas. Visit relatives. They both used to travel in their RV, which drove the couple crazy and suited their lifestyle very well. In the game’s big city, which also has other plans, Elmer jumped at the chance to try his luck in one of the city’s many cities.

Casino slot machine Megabucks

But since they were a recognized man and had contacts, they were invited to go there the opening of the Mirage Hotel and Casino. Sherwin used to only wager a hundred dollars just to try his luck. However, his capital ran out too quickly. He asked his wife for an additional $20 to play a Megabucks machine, and in that he accomplished his feat. The best invested $20 of your life and it was given to you a loot totaling 4.6 millionthe special slot jackpot.

This slot has three reels and in order to qualify for the jackpot, the minimum bet must be three dollars. A jackpot that accumulates as players progress through it and restarts at a set minimum amount when someone hits it. The symbols of megabucks You need to get back online to start making a good chunk of money again. The couple’s reaction was one of utter joy and they assured that they would take the opportunity to travel and do whatever they wanted at the end of their lives.

However, Sherwin was always an ambitious guy and wasn’t satisfied with winning just once. He himself declared that he wanted to try to win the pot a second time, perfectly embodying the phrase that one must seek luck. In this context yes. But who would have thought he could do it again when the chance of winning a prize of this caliber is one in ten million?

Elmer Sherwin

Megabucks will set the Sherwin name ablaze in its history because 16 years later, in September 2005, this character again won the jackpot on one of its slot machines. In this case at Cannery Casino and the prize this time was no more and no less than $21.1 million. The company reported that this is the largest win ever made on one of its slots, and it was done by a 93-year-old man.

Shervin donated the majority of its profits to help those affected by Hurricane Katrina and the rest he could use to give his family a better quality of life. Again, he didn’t do it for the money, which he did quite well on that count, but for the challenge of achieving something historic like winning two jackpots on a slot of this type.

Elmer then said his plan was to one day accomplish that feat a third time, but he passed away just two years after that second win. He left, but he made an important impression, putting his unknown name on the front page of the United States for two of the happiest moments of his life. Luck has those things that haunt some and not so much others. But when it comes to casino games, there is a special appeal that draws everyone in. The magic of entertainment.

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