Malta is a territory that has a lot to do with the game and everything that surrounds it. In this country, The first industry is tourism, but behind it is the gambling and betting sector. You may have noticed that many online casinos are based here or licensed by the relevant authorities. This is because, since the new century, Malta has been at the forefront in this regard, positioning itself ahead of other countries.

Gambling legislation has always been beneficial for the operators and in 2004 the company started issuing licenses of all kinds. Within certain limits the regulations are beneficial for the casinos and that is why this industry has grown so much and has feedbacks along with tourism receive. And a good example of that is this Casino Malta by Olympic Casino, with that peculiar name whose name must be explained. The largest and most important casino in Malta.

History of Malta Casino

Malta casino tables

Due to the game’s popularity in Malta, from the year 2000 some hotels began to be interested in including their recreation area as well. The tourism industry was doing very well, but there was also an opportunity to expand into another sector that appeared to be in good shape. He Hotel intercontinental He thought so and hosted Olympic Casino’s opening of Casino Malta on New Year’s Eve 2015.

The official opening gala did not take place until two months later, but could already be verified the largest and newest casino ever in Malta in several years. This also helped the hotel grow until it registered over 450 rooms. It improved services such as spa, restaurants, convention center, heated outdoor pool, panoramic terrace, conference room, meeting room and much more.

The slogan “Olympic Casino” is carried by this casino because it is operated by the Olympic Entertainment Group, the largest casino operator in Central Europe with almost 100 active establishments. In the Baltic countries like Estonia, Latvia or Lithuania, it is of paramount importance.

Over time, the casino has been redesigned to resemble the larger Las Vegas casinos, at least in terms of furnishings. Loud carpets, rather dim lighting to highlight the tables, neon-lit machines, and walls with a more modern flair.

Surroundings of Casino Malta

Surroundings of Casino Malta

Casino Malta is located in an ideal area of ​​St. Julian’s, the place where the largest number of hotels, restaurants and nightlife in the country and several English schools are concentrated, which explains the large number of tourists and students in the area. Bay Street Shopping Center is just meters away St George’s Bay more of the same.

The latter is one of the most attractive sandy beaches in Malta. It is located in Paceville, the entertainment center of the country, where many people come to swim and sunbathe. Day and night you can watch people bathing. You can take long walks along the coast and stop on the terrace of a bar, cafeteria or ice cream parlour. In this environment, it is difficult for the casino not to attract tourists, and not just those looking for gambling, but all kinds of them.

Casino Malta

Casino Malta poker room

Olympic Casino’s Casino Malta is the largest casino in Malta 3,000 square meters which occupies approx. A Las Vegas style venue where we can find everything the client needs in a game room. Here you can meet up with friends to spend a pleasant evening or to have a cocktail. The team of waiters is excellent and very attentive which makes the atmosphere even better.

But for those who focus on gambling as such, in the main hall there are almost 300 slot machines, the newest and most modern in the country, with which they ensure top quality gaming and a very high level of entertainment. There are not only classic reels, but also video machines are in great demand. The same games that you find in the tables are also available in the slots in different modalities. This allows users to choose the strain they like the most.

The jackpots aren’t bad either, special machines where you can win more money than any other. As for that There are 33 casino gaming tables in totalemphasizing the following:

The latter is a poker version adapted to Maltese customers with some betting specifications. In which one of the most interesting poker rooms in the country, they have dared to market this particular formula that works quite well for them. They also have their own poker club, where tournaments with cash prizes are organized daily. These start with low stakes, which can be between 2 and 5 euros, or with tickets as little as 50 cents.

In addition, there are another 16 places dedicated to electronic roulette and a TV area with sports betting terminals where you can bet while following the best international events. There is also an area with bars where you can relax and a ticket payment system with machines spread throughout the gaming area. An app for tablets is also available for live betting, which must be requested at the casino cashier.

In addition, the casino offers its customers various offers, including: Beverage and betting chip packages or free parking if you play any of the games offered at the facility. It even gives you the opportunity to organize your own events and parties at moderate prices.

Casino Malta also welcomes VIP guests, known as ‘junkets’, meaning guests who make a deposit at the casino and then receive benefits and discounts on other services throughout the hotel. They are open 24 hours a day and have free high-speed internet.

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