It is difficult to be the true king of something in this life where the competition is fierce. And more in the world of entertainment. You must have something very special that is different from anything you have seen before and that makes you unique. It’s odd to find it in play in a country like the Czech Republic, which might not be among the first countries that spring to mind when thinking about the game. But if you’re thinking specifically about poker games, then surely yes.

He Rozvadov Casino It has become a venue very popular with all sports bettors and poker players. Its history is curious, its location even more so, and its range of games analyzable. Let’s see what it can offer us.

History of Rozvadov Casino

Rozvadov casino poker room

The history of Casino Rozvadov is connected with that of Leon Tsoukernik, a well-known Czech poker player who also moves in the business world thanks to the King’s brand. This factory appears in the casino’s name, known as King’s Casino Rozvadov, and for a time was its managing director. The company grew thanks to the development of various casinos and their construction throughout the Czech Republic.

In fact, in 2002 he bought a property in Rozvadov, a town on the border with Germany. Although everyone thought he was crazy, Tsoukernik thought it would be a good idea to open a new casino there On June 26, 2003, he realized his dream.. Another work to add to your private art collection. And the truth is that it has given him a great performance from the start, not only with local audiences but also with international tourism.

In 2009, he focused primarily on poker and founded the so-called the largest poker room in all of Europe. The tournaments held in it were extremely profitable and in 2014 up to 200,000 players took part in one of its tournaments. Then the WSOP knocked on his door to host exclusive festivals in the Czech Republic and become a must-attend event on the circuit. This will remain the case for the foreseeable future in the years to come.

All this has also helped modernize the rest of the casino services and increase their quality. That’s why it’s become so special.

Surroundings of the Rozvadov Casino

Surroundings of the Rozvadov Casino

This casino has the particularity of being located in a town like Rozvadov, which has barely 1,000 inhabitants. It is a strategic location on the border with Germany and with a fairly complete line of transportationespecially by plane and train. Getting there is easy and the King’s Company has made every effort to ensure that players can travel to the casino and this city easily and on their own.

A city characterized by the large number of massage parlors. His image is strange as most of the houses are houses with gardens, all American style. Because of this and the arrival of the casino, the town was named “RozVegas”. It has also attracted cheaper resort hotels to compete with King’s itself and various restaurants.

Rozvadov Casino

Rozvadov casino table

Rozvadov Casino is not only dedicated to poker, but its clientele is also a fan of other casino games. This invites all services in which to be well taken care of 1,800 square meters that you must enjoy. The owners have made good use of the space and created several rooms for different purposes. The main room is the most prominent, with yellow and blue detailing seen throughout the architecture, giving the playroom an almost royal palace look.

In this case, you have a choice of more than 300 slots to choose from, with quite affordable limits for all players, except for the slots with accumulated jackpots, where the minimum bet increases. Slots of all kinds that combine the latest technology with classic gameplay and combine very well with that 40 gaming tables Live casino with more than 15 different games. Games like:

You must value exclusive games and variations like Russian Poker which are rare in most casinos. It must also be said that high limits can be requested at any table if all players agree and the maximum bet can reach €2,000. And also special mention Live Craps Table, one of only two in Europe. It is one of the most visited and every player wants to try their luck.

In this casino there is also a VIP room where the most requested tables by customers are gathered and the entrance to which is private. It includes a bar, a bathroom with a sauna and a massage room, as well as an increase in the amounts you play and bet. refer to As for the poker room, it should be noted that it has more than 200 tables and that makes it one of the most important on the European continent and in the world. That’s why it brings together such outstanding tournaments and world-renowned players.

The stay in the casino can be completed in your hotel with around 400 rooms and 4 different types of accommodation. The various massages as well as the Japanese, Turkish and Swedish saunas deserve special mention. There is also a gym, swimming pool and art gallery. In the latter works of great value are kept, although some of them are already distributed in the play areas. It’s the way to add a palatial touch to the establishment.

The Radimsky restaurant completes the range of entertainment, which also includes the opportunity to do the so-called “king’s tour” in the playroom.

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