Although Argentina It has never been a country that has favored casino games or the proliferation of online casinos, but it is also a country that values ​​gambling as entertainment. And like everywhere in the world There are game rooms worth checking out.. We’ve already seen some of these, but one is quite special because of its composition.

He Casino Puerto Madero It is the result of what the legislation in the South American country allows in terms of gambling. In the purest cinematic style, this space is built on two boats in the middle of the Argentine Bay, and being in the water and not on land, its activity is permitted. Not without controversy, yes.

History of the Puerto Madero Casino

Puerto Madero Casino Slots

The arrival of Casino Puerto Madero in Buenos Aires was not easy, in part because the country has strict restrictions on casinos and gaming venues. In the late 1990s, when the license to open a casino was approved by the National Lottery, there were indeed many critical voices who tried to prevent the casino from opening.

They concluded that the only option was to use two boats as a solid base to operate the casino and that the casino was allowed to open since it was in floating waters. In 1995 the construction of the first ship, which was to fulfill this function, began until 1999 the opening did not take place in Puerto Madero, hence the casino got its name, although it is also known as Casino Buenos Aires.

Cirsa, the Spanish company responsible for, among other things, the famous Casino Cirsa Valencia, was entrusted with the administration. But after several years of operation and impressive economic benefits, a judge ordered the closure after one of the appeals filed against the casino bore fruit. After two very intense years in law firms, Casino Puerto Madero progressed with the arrival of the second ship.

In addition to the entire casino infrastructure, Cirsa also had to do this Build offices around the port’s south dock so that the entire company network works. Today it is one of the most famous casinos in Argentina.

Surroundings of the Puerto Madero Casino

View of Puerto Madero and the Casino

Casino Puerto Madero is located in Puerto Madero, an industrial area known for its location on the Argentine Bay and known for the large number of high-quality steakhouses and tall skyscraper-style buildings. In the area there are luxury apartments, often used by business people, and also an exceptional natural area.

The area has lakes surrounded by hiking trails and is part of the Costanera Sur Nature Reserve, ideal for families and adventurers. You could say that it has everything all around and is well connected, including across the sea where there is an entrance for boats.

Casino Puerto Madero

Puerto Madero Casino Tables

This quirky casino also attracts people with its wide range of games and live casino games, one of the few that can be enjoyed in Buenos Aires. Due to its particularity, it has two naves in which the entire gaming area is distributed, but both are part of the same gaming space, so in any case you will find yourself in Casino Puerto Madero.

There are four floors in the Star of Fortune ship and the same number in the Princess ship. Between them they collect more than 1,400 slot machines and slot machines, with the Estrella de la Fortuna rooms boasting exclusive state-of-the-art machines in pesos and dollars, and the Princess boasts a wide range of classics as well as other more modern gadgets with the latest technology. Accumulated jackpots, combined and progressive. Some have higher limits while others are more accessible to everyone.

The thing to keep in mind is the casino does not have a changing room. Therefore, it will be possible to play in pesos and in the same way in dollars at the tables where it is established. In both cases, you can get tokens in any currency, but definitely don’t come with dollars and buy tokens in pesos. It’s a small problem that foreigners coming from or around the United States may face. The change has to come from home.

As for that There are about 120 gaming tables in total. The poker rooms deserve a special mention: the “Madero Poker” poker room is located in the Princess and is the only one in the capital where you can play poker at live tables. Fortune Star also has a VIP room with tables for exclusive players and higher limits. Their games include:

Promotions include poker tournaments that are held regularly and are among the most important in Argentina, certainly along with those played at Trilenium Casino, another of the great casinos in the country.

They have theirs too Exclusive players club to which one can belong through one of the four contained cards. Each is more important than the other and offers greater benefits. But basically in all games you have to load the game, play with it, depending on what you play, collect points and later exchange these points for very interesting prizes. In addition, you can access exclusive services of the game room such as the VIP lounges. They can be blue, silver, gold or black.

There is a food court on both ships which, like the rest of the casino, is open 24 hours a day and is free to enter. It has private security, cloakroom, WiFi, 24-hour private parking, a dedicated area for smokers and non-smokers, music to set the mood, and lifts and escalators. And of course gastronomic service.

In the bars you can enjoy drinks while watching a sporting event on the screens there. However, this is possible in the Color Resto Bar and in Full – Flavors of the World Taste authentic delicacies. The latter has it all, in a luxurious gourmet restaurant with a renowned chef presenting international dishes and dishes from around the world. The bar, on the other hand, is more of a pastry shop for a snack between meals.

They even have a room that hosts exclusive events and performances. This is perfect for special days.

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