Everything smells of delicacy in France and if we consider the great respect that this country has for gambling and the roots that these activities have there, we can already imagine what kind of casinos we can come across. Majestic casinos that, beyond the modernity of their services, will make you feel like a real king in an atmosphere typical of bygone times.

He Deauville CasinoIn addition, it is not just any room, since it is several years old and is located in a unique place like the Normandy coast, a stone’s throw from the commune where it is located and from the English Channel. A group with such a high impact as the Lucien Barriére group is responsible for administration and it does so quite successfully. It is one of the main attractions of the area and not only an entertainment center but almost a monument.

History of Deauville Casino

Deauville became a perfect place to escape the hectic life of the French capital around the 19th century. The rich and famous made this city their resting place With time and the investments made, it also became a large leisure center with very special activities. The city is characterized by its white limestone cliffs and the colors of the flowers in its fields. Over the years, not only exclusive tourism has flocked to Deauville, but also visitors of all kinds.

At the beginning when the construction was carried out and Inauguration of the casino in 1912The aim was probably to attract the upper class. But little by little that changed. Businessman Eugéne Cornuché hired architect Georges Wybo to manage the gaming center, while at the same time building other casinos in nearby coastal towns and establishing the Monte Carlo Casino as a great reference.

After a robbery in the late 1970s, the designer Jacques García had the baroque-style building completely restored, which is why its facade and interiors are so impressive today and well worth a visit. It was adorned with golden crystal, marble and velvet chandeliers. The placement of pillars and large windows gave the impression of a palace, and chandeliers were placed on the high ceilings, which make it stand out today.

Surroundings of the Deauville Casino

The casino could not have had a better location than Deauville, a French commune in Normandy the queen of beaches in the area. This game room is located right on the first line of the so-called Parisian coast, very frequented by both foreigners and French residents.

Not only the beaches stand out, because in the vicinity of the casino there are also numerous hotel complexes that are worth visiting. He Renaissance theater inside It is worth it, as well as other monuments of the class of the port, which is not far away. In addition, just a few meters away are golf, polo and horse racing facilities, as well as the Deauville market, where you can buy many interesting products.

Shops of all kinds for shopping, a cinema and restaurants to choose from as on a menu. It’s difficult to get bored in such an environment.

Deauville Casino

Not only is the casino beautiful from the outside or on an aesthetic level, the gaming room inside and all that is in it is also worth checking out. And that’s what Barrier prepared for 2 cocktail bars, 2 restaurants and 1 nightclub to liven up the game night and, as part of the overall offer, also make available the golf courses, the SPA services and the three hotel complexes that are very close to this casino.

Among the games to highlight, it is necessary to stick to a selection 300 slot machines and slots that are spectacular. There are state-of-the-art slots, some offering a progressive jackpot and with their ticket system also found in fruit slots and many other classic symbols. This section consists of a red carpet and light effects that will attract any player, no matter how hard they try to resist. Slot machines of the usual, multi-screen, multi-bet, etc.

Deauville Casino also bets on the most avant-garde game played hand-to-hand. Therefore it has total 35 gaming tables prepared for a selection of variants, among which we highlight:

If we want to hit the tables with the latest gaming tables, English roulette and sic bo are also available in electronic game formats, although it’s true that at poker He also enjoys special affection in Gallic territory, with up to 8 reserved tables exclusive to this one. All year round, Barriere organizes competitions between the various venues throughout France, playing poker games such as Texas Holdem or Poker Ultimate.

And as an addition to the game, it must be said that both in the slot machine area and in the area at the tables there is a bar with seats for a break if necessary. And gastronomy is also an important plus point for the Casino de Deauville, as it has a variety of restaurants with very good dishes on the menu. There is gourmet cuisine, gourmet dishes and also traditional dishes from the region.

All the services that the casino offers all around allow you offers where gaming is combined with other types of entertainment. That includes their shows and shows they party every night like it’s an early 20th century social club. It includes free WiFi, the ability to park, a strict dress code that you should check, and alternative payments to cash. Access to the hall is quite easy as it has several means of transport and schedules are quite flexible for all types of audience. There are no excuses not to visit it.

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