There are few casinos around the world that have fully adapted to the new technological age. Most arcades prefer the old atmosphere from the time when the game roamed clandestinely in the pub basements and that is what attracts the player so much.

But also the power of the technological age evokes and is essential for every betting room and casino. Treasure Hunt Gaming Aware of this from the start, he created a space where video machines and the latest technology are trending. The casino with the Highest wage rate in all of Jamaica in a very good and convenient location for the Caribbean tourist.

History of Treasure Hunt gaming

Treasure Hunt Gaming is the result of a process of change in Jamaica that is making the country an exotic and ideal tourist and vacation destination for many layers of society today. Because of its location in the heart of Montego Bay, its climate, and the fact that it’s one of the few places where this is the case Duty Free ShopsGradually the area became more touristy.

That was also what motivated me Gambling became an attraction in the area. The point was not so much to attract casino tourism as such, but rather that this entertainment option served to complement an already very rich offer. Visitors became powerful people, in part because Montego Bay serves as a community and resting place for many notables from the Jamaican capital, Kingston.

At Treasure Hunt Gaming, they have decided to be revolutionaries and embrace technology before anyone else so that their entire space smells of novelty. As if it were the dungeon of a small castle, the place is an expert in electronic casino games and very diverse slot machines.

Surroundings of Treasure Hunt Gaming

This game center is located in Montego bay, one of the largest and most energetic cities in the entire Caribbean. Located on the north coast of the country, it is home to one of the region’s major cruise ports, as well as many tourist complexes and resort hotels. Its beaches are crowded, as are its golf courses and its coral reefs in the waters protected by the marine park.

All of this is very close to the casino, where you can dive and practice other water sports such as parasailing or tubing. In addition to the bird sanctuary and some important monuments, there is the center of Montego, which is a great place to stroll the streets and buy some food from the street vendors like the locals do.

But the shopping center is even closer Whiter Villagea very touristy and open shopping area and with whom the casino has an agreement to bring visitors from there to their facilities.

Treasure Hunt Gaming

As we say, Treasure Hunt Gaming is a casino that is fully committed to the latest technology in gaming and has decided to fill its space with slots and slots Automated video game moduleswhich can also be managed by the playroom staff.

This means that all games on the site are controlled by an artificial intelligence, in this case a machine that manages all bets and assigns players to their rightful place at the table depending on the game. But At the same time, a dealer can sit at the table who deals the cards and that he announces every move and directs the game.

This is a model that not all casinos have, but this makes Treasure Hunt Gaming a unique and well-prepared site, since their staff perfectly knows the technique of the games they run and the player can rely on them if a problem arises a question. Something that would not be possible with a machine.

Among the casino video games, the following stand out:

  • jackpot jump
  • Game Chest HD
  • Egypt quest
  • 88 fortune
  • crystal
  • EZ module
  • money talk
  • Baccarat
  • Panther Roulette
  • Blackjack

As we can see, the games that really need this guide are Baccarat and Blackjack, and in certain cases, Roulette too. The house has an online blog detailing the rules of each game that players can consult. But there are also small courses that are aimed more at amateurs and that everyone can participate in at a certain time in the room.

In order to gain the loyalty of these players, Treasure Hunt Gaming offers a great service of promotions and tournaments. The Slot Tournaments They are certainly the most outstanding as they take place on Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays of each week and there are prizes for users who place first, second and third.

They also have an initial promotion for it They give you $20 when you register on their web platform which you can then use at the physical casino if you wish. And another interesting thing is that the lounge is connected to Whitter Village to offer a transport service from the customer’s accommodation to the casino or vice versa. The service costs $5 and They give you a check for $10 to play slot machines.

The staff checks the age of the person who wants to enter the room, asks them to prove their identity with an official document and regulates that they are not allowed to enter with short-sleeved shirts or hooded shirts due to the dress code requirements. At the bar you can take a break with a drink while watching a sporting event on your screens. Meals are reserved for specific days and special occasions.

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