Although the number of casinos that exist in the world today is quite large and surprising in some cases, Getting a license to operate a casino is not easy. Sometimes you have to fight hard and help to convince the responsible authorities.

Those responsible for managing the Canberra Casino, in Australia’s capital, own a small property compared to others and that has little in common with a luxury resort. And they even had to fight for gambling licenses, but they finally managed to get one of the best casinos in Oceania up and running. At least as long as the current situation allows it and users prefer it over online casinos.

History of Canberra Casino

It is necessary to go back to 1992 to determine the purpose of the federal government in granting a casino license that would result in this first legal casino in the city of Canberra. The company Casinos Austria International won as the best proposal and founded a subsidiary in early 1992 to set up a temporary casino.

The definitive casino was only inaugurated in July 1994, on a small lot in Glebe Park that was no longer part of the park. The company and the government agreed to lease the property for an upfront payment of $19 million and an annual license fee of half a million dollars.

The casino has been a success from the start and will continue to be so in 2014 when the Aquis Group acquired the property and would continue to do so to this day. But right from the start it had enough problems acquiring positions on electronic slots, especially in the context of poker. Authorities don’t want to hit the Canberra clubs, which live off part of the profits from these terminals.

The owners of Casino Canberra have actively and passively tried to reach an agreement but have never been successful. They were even willing to give up part of their own land in exchange for a few hundred machines. For Aquis that is still pending.

Surroundings of the Canberra Casino

The playroom is located in Canberra Central, or whatever, in the center of the Australian capital. Around it are several important government buildings such as the National Convention or the Department of Industry. All this in an urban area where the presence of cafes stands out, places where you can stay and disconnect from everyday life.

It is an area intended for the movement of people from abroad, so it must be close to tourist accommodation, shops and busy streets. Although What really stands out is Glebe Parka green space of about forty hectares that gives life to the district and serves as a perfect place for open-air exhibitions and events of the same style.

To highlight something else, the Olympic-size swimming pool is just down the road, next to the Canberra Institute of Technology.

Canberra Casino

As we said earlier, Canberra Casino is quite a unique casino. Its facilities may be smaller compared to other large complexes like Crown Casino, which it cannot compete with in this respect, but there is not much to envy in terms of gaming offer either.

Precisely because of the licensing issue we discussed earlier, there are no slots, with the exception of some slots that may contain a single slot game. Its strength obviously lies in the gaming tables and in the services that it puts at the player’s disposal to make his life easier.

The games offered at the 39 available tables are:

As for baccarat, it should be noted that it has a special function in this game room. The call as “Dragon Bonus Option”. This option is a side bet that gives users another chance to win. However, we recommend going to the website and checking all terms and conditions if planning to use the game at the tables.

But by the number of games, we can tell that poker games are Casino Canberra’s favorites. There is even a special room that handles private games and slightly higher limits, since most of the cards for the tables are affordable for every audience.

Variants such as No Limit Texas Hold’em, Pot Limit Omaha, Beacon Poker, Fixed Limit Manila either Half Pot/Full Pot Seven Card Stud. However, players must take into account that while the restrictions due to the health crisis caused by Covid-19 continue, the poker rooms are closed, so it will be difficult to practice this discipline in the casino.

This is because video poker machines cannot be used in these establishments. For the rest of the games, however, there is an option to play on a slot machine. In fact, there is a space reserved for what the casino calls the gaming stadium. This stadium consists of a series of terminals connected to live dealers.with which you can play your favorite games and have a private, exciting and very real experience on each machine.

All of this adds up too, as does the large screen to watch sports broadcasts set up in a different area of ​​the room, as well as machines to place sports bets. Boxing nights are common and you can let off steam with a drink in the bars right next to the section.

However, the best way to always have a lemonade in hand is to join the casino club, for which you will receive benefits like these. They can even win the opportunity to stay at the Crowne Plaza Canberra, the property they have an agreement with to accommodate their guests.

And to top it off, there are special offers on both roulette and blackjack and more games.

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