What could a person do to win a bet? This is the question that we must try to solve with the history we are preparing. Although the answer is not very complicated, because he would certainly be capable of anything. Anything worthwhile.

For natural bettors, any reason that involves an argument or implies a conflict is a reason to bet on it. And that goes beyond any bet that can be placed at a casino table or in an online casino interface.

He fits this player profile perfectly Brian Zembic. We’d highlight his profession or occupation if we were aware of it, but the reality is he’s never had a steady job as such. His secret lies in betting, and it’s not about sports betting.

His thing is to be in the New York casinos and get funding thanks to his skills in different games. The highlight is undoubtedly blackjack, but backgammon isn’t bad at all. He could be considered a professional player in both disciplines.

More specifically, Zembic appeared in the second season of the World Series of Blackjack on television. After fighting players like Eric Kiel, Michelle Richards, Jason Geraci or Mike Aponte for several rounds, she was eliminated in the ninth round but only had to go on.

Although we are talking about the year 2005, in which almost all of its great history had already taken place. Among other things, because he finally got married at the beginning of the new century and had a daughter named Mika. And the arrival of a baby always changes things.

In his gambling heyday, he toured American casinos in search of fun and money. He even went so far as to practice card counting as a blackjack strategy. concrete He was an expert on the system known as “shuffle track”..

This consists of seeing a pattern in the way the dealer shuffles, allowing the player to track the position of different cards and spot areas of the deck where high and low cards appear. While this is not easy to achieve, it offers a great advantage to those who manage to master the technique satisfactorily.

The Winnipeg-born Canadian developed into a good player. However, he wanted to do a different kind of action. The bets went to him.

Perhaps that’s why he agreed to live in a box for a week for a fee of nearly $25,000. Maybe that’s why he walked the streets of Philadelphia half-naked for $3,000. Maybe that’s why he stayed in New York’s Central Park for $20,000. Or maybe that’s why he lived in a bathroom in a $14,000 Las Vegas hotel for a week, even though his friends agreed on $7,000 since the suggestion was to stay longer. Look, there are interesting alternative plans in Las Vegas and Zembic has settled on this one.

Anyone might think this intrepid character had a problem, but the truth is that he was in his right mind. For a bet, he was capable of anything but that. And of course the best is yet to come.

If you’re playing at a casino in New York, you’ve got to go back to 1996. A friend and player he used to hang out with struck up a conversation while they were sitting at a blackjack table. And the conversation was surreal, how could it be otherwise.

Zembic and his friend JoBo talked about it breast implants. And since Brian was very much in favor of anyone implanting them, His partner told him to take them for a year. And as we can imagine, the Canadian decided to accept.

The two struck a written agreement detailing the details of the operation and sealed the deal like true gentlemen. But the reality is that even for one of the best bettors in the world, that was too much. Until it stopped.

Zembic was a regular player on the stock market and lost about $30,000 a few months after signing the bet, which touched him deeply. Who sold you losing shares? Actually his friend JoBo.

With friends like that, who wants enemies, thought Zembic, who decided to pluck up courage and tease his friend by honoring the agreement. However, one must also recognize that his economic situation was worrying and he was almost forced to accept it. Killing two birds with one stone, one could say.

Brian Zembic

When he called JoBo to break the news, he declined. He felt the time had run out and the bet was void. Zembic then approached a group of professional bettors, with whom both played together and confirmed the signed agreement. It could still be done and A total of $100,000 was still at stake.

Brian, who was also a former magician and appeared on a local show, magically placed the implants and kept them for a year, forcing his friend to pay him the full stake.

The funny thing is He was happy with the result of his breasts and decided to keep wearing them. Even if? Until her daughter was born. It’s never too late to grow up, even if you’re 40.

Crazy bettors are like that and of course Zembic was one of the best and one of the most influential in public opinion. A story that cannot be believed.

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