If physical casinos want to compete with the potential of online casinos, they have to engage in a constant process of renewal. A process focused on offering the machines and games with the best technology on the market. The one that creates in the customer the need to go to an establishment where he can play perfectly from home.

Casinos in Spain know this and that’s why they try to keep up in the race for more loyal players. One of the last to inspect his territories was the Marbella Casino. not so long ago The space from Malaga presented its new playroomwhich works quite well and is very well received by users.

Among the different areas of the main hall in Marbella is an area called Jackpot Paradise. It contains some of the most profitable slot machines that have accumulated jackpots that each player can randomly win. This is the most classic definition of jackpot.

It is this part of the casino that has been given a facelift alongside the bar and the table and gaming table area. The lighting in shades of purple and blue doesn’t seem to have changed as it’s ideal for making the slots glow and catching the customers’ eyes. However, what the organization has done is redistribute the modules, which are now expanded to 82.

The bar, designed to provide refreshments and snacks for players to rest and unwind, has also been updated and features a renewed snack menu. This is available as long as slot room is open and offers options for every taste.

It must be remembered that the slot machine area is available from 11am to 4am every day and that it is very close to the roulette gaming area, with highlights such as electronic roulette and other games. in demand like blackjack, poker variants, bingo, keno, etc.

Rounding out the area are several machines where sports bets can be placed, courtesy of Sportium. This allows players to bet and then go to the bar to see the screens showing the event where money was played. The casino itself defines the space as an avant-garde space and ideal for the leisure of all types of audience.

Marbella Casino held an event to promote these new spaces, in a kind of opening party with extraordinary guests. In addition to raffles with very special prizes, there was a cocktail led by the restaurant’s chefs. Live performances and an electro house DJ also provided the necessary sound for the evening.

The casino operated by Cirsa remains one of the benchmarks on the Costa del Sol and as such has a duty to provide fresh air and attractive shops for both tourists and locals.

Avant-garde meets classic

Casino Marbella is a space with more than 44 years of existence and was one of the benchmarks in the era of the jet set and Jesús Gil as mayor. It is a space hardened by a thousand battles that still preserves certain elements that remind us of those glory years that made the city the quintessential holiday destination in the Iberian Peninsula.

However, the desire to preserve this heritage does not conflict with continuing to be the benchmark in terms of gaming in the province of Malaga and in the community of Andalusia. We could even call it one of the best in Spain. Last year 2021 they paid out more than 300,000 euros in jackpots and accumulated jackpots, meaning that with this new change there are more opportunities for more customers to increase that number.

The modernity of its slots also creates a great contrast when we look at the rest of the options on offer. Both the table room and the associated restaurant are open from 8 p.m. to 2 a.m. and keep the more classic touch that invites to create a good atmosphere for the players who have long trusted this space.

Casino Marbella is located very close to Puerto Banús and the commercial center of the area, not far from the city center. Therefore, there are many customers in this piece of land that one wants to attract with the new attractions that it has added. More private customers and sedentary customers as well as more nomadic and traveling customers.

They also keep their poker room running and host National Poker Circuit stages and other events that attract thousands of players to Marbella and the surrounding area. Visit our website for more details on Casino Marbella.

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