If you let yourself be dazzled by the bonus offers offered by some arcades and online casinos, you may find that many of them involve travel to a specific vacation spot: the Caribbean. There are many who try to lure customers by promising raffles for trips to the easternmost tip of the Dominican Republic. Punta Cana.

But what if we turned this hypothesis on its head? What if we looked at the opportunities in gaming that give us the opportunity to enjoy the region with the clearest waters in the world? Well, there we would enter the resorts section and join the list of the best in the area that we have Royalton Punta Cana Resort & Casino.

With that last word, you could already tell that emotion is present in guaranteed betting, and that’s because Genesis Casino. A very special place that complements a spectacular offer for tourists who, above all, seek luxury when traveling.

Genesis Casino History

Genesis Casino opened at the same time as Royalton Punta Cana Resort & Casino, ie in December 2013. The bet was made by Blue Diamond Hotels & Resorts, the hotel division of Sunwing Travel Group, the conglomerate that really owns everything and at the time invested more than $60 million in this complex next to Punta Cana-Bávaro.

Sunwing has entered into an agreement with the Genesis company to operate most of their arcades, as this Canadian company has more than 30 years of experience in the industry and is characterized by excellent results in terms of luxury, comfort and variety of entertainment.

Therefore, over the years, all the services of the Royalton with its 485 rooms, equipped with a minibar, terrace, rain shower and high-quality mattresses, have been moved to the play area. Worship services there are also available 24 hours a day, although they look best at night.

Surroundings of Casino Genesis

What is the most positive thing about Genesis Casino? It is located in a resort right on the beach. The complex has water corridors, a spectacular fountain with garden area and various pools with sun loungers. All around is full of palm trees and the different buildings where you can stay.

The environment could not be more paradisiacal, because As soon as you step out of the holiday destination’s door, you have access to Bávaro Beach, one of the most spectacular in Punta Cana and the entire Caribbean. In it you can practice sports such as volleyball, paddle surfing, kayaking or diving.

Near the casino are the tennis courts and the splash park. Another pro experience in summer with giant slides, tubes for the little ones, wave pools, jet spaces and other attractions.

The resort is set back from the city center due to other similar buildings in the area, the fields of a golf club and the occasional exclusive restaurant. If you want to move around in the commercial area of ​​the destination, you have to use private or public transport.

Genesis Casino

As part of a gigantic complex, a resort casino like the one we describe has to keep up. And that’s why the operator chose the Genesis brand for the playroom to bear his name. On the front door you will see the company’s seal, which immediately reveals the company’s distinctive features.

Firstly, because the room is visually very impressive. In true Las Vegas casino style, the roof simulates a starry sky supported by tall pillars. Instead of stepping on the floor, you step on a red patterned carpet and in the middle of the casino you will see a huge golden lamp.

The casino is characterized by the fact that it is very clear. Well, for one, there’s the slots section, where What is striking are the rather classic terminals. It is obvious that in this area there are slot machines with accumulated winnings and some more recent and modern slot machines that shine with great lighting.

That’s not too far ten gaming tables, where you can find variants of the main games available. As far as cards are concerned, Caribbean poker cannot be left out as it is the most representative of the region. Among blackjack games, European blackjack is the main discipline. However, as we move away from the cards, it is American roulette that prevails.

All telecommunications, hardware, software and other computer products are under the control of Genesis Casino as the accommodations usually include this type of support in their package. Cards, tokens and money cards also belong to him, with the promise that In the future they will try to develop casino support for mobile devices.

What also adds glamor to this casino is its bar, where you can enjoy a cocktail or take a break and watch any of the current sporting events on one of the many screens. The currency exchange area is visible from the entrance and another highlight is the small crescent-shaped stage.

Lectures are held there and the evening is enlivened with dance groups. Dealer service, assistants, waiters and other employees belong to Génesis. Also the promotions, bonuses and gifts they offer to new and loyal customers.

Finally, we cannot ignore that the casino provides something for its customers a very special wedding package and that’s worth a review for couples who love the game.

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