Nowadays it is difficult to hide any kind of profit or prize that can be obtained through gambling. Many players choose to brag about it because it has made them take risks and achieve something for once in their lives. However, when they don’t, they are usually notified by the casinos themselves. Since we’re losing money if we’re not recognized, they need to think. With social networks, this is guaranteed in today’s society.

Both land-based casinos and online casinos all have their own profiles and accounts through which they report on promotions, events and player experiences. Not all of them are very active, but you only have to look at casino networks like Enracha to see that communicating with users is essential. However, there are gamers who still managed to hide what they wore in the game during their best days.

Patricia Demauro is one of those who made it after becoming a craps legend. Not only did she set a historic record that hasn’t been broken yet, but she did so as a pure amateur player. Craps is one of the most mentally taxing games to play for clients, but this sweet old lady persevered and won an award and recognition she will never forget.

Everything happened in the Atlantic City Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa. New Jersey wasn’t ready for what Denville’s wife had planned for her on May 23, 2009. Demauro had only played craps once in his life, and he wasn’t even planning to play that afternoon. She went to this game room with some friends and one of her companions tried her luck at the table. That attracted Patricia and that’s how her story began. It started during the day and went out in the evening.

She gave up a base of $100 to play for several rounds, but the truth is that she started winning right away and felt comfortable in her seat. Seven was his cursed number and he decided not to repeat it all afternoon and the play came off well. The earned capital started to increase and the rest of the players at the table realized that this was not normal and that something very big was about to happen.

Craps has seen players who have managed to roll the dice for a long time and maintain a good streak. What happens is after playtime they start to decline. It’s hard to withstand the psychological pressures the Ghost is under, but Demauro seemed untouched after that time. The casino staff realized what was going on and came over to get a closer look at how the lady was playing. And the same thing happened to other hotel players.

Patricia Demauro

Customers playing and betting with the same spins didn’t want to leave the table while other players wanted to take the opportunity and bet, which was not possible. There were even testimonials from other players who claimed to have arrived at the casino in the afternoon to spend a few bucks. Seeing the large crowd around one of the tables, they came over to browse. When they saw what happened, they couldn’t believe it and stayed, if only to see how it all ended.

the Hawaiian Stanley Fujitake set a record in 1989 In an unforgettable night where we played 3 hours and 6 minutes in a row and won. So it was 118 consecutive spins, 18 pass lane wins and a win of around $750,000 that he pocketed. Demauro set a new record 20 years later with a streak of 4 hours and 18 minutes, 154 goals and 25 passes. The 155 roll lost precisely because of a 7, but that didn’t stop the feat from getting applause from the entire casino.

The staff toasted her with champagne while offering her a stay, a free dinner and exclusive services to compensate for her concentrated time at the gaming table. His goal may even have been to keep him from leaving the establishment, although it was never possible to know exactly how much money he left with. It is estimated that it could have been close to $200,000., as it is assumed that he at least got his original bet back and multiplied it by 50 times its value. The casino and the unexpected winner decided to keep the amount a secret.

The Borgata workers themselves told the press that they were interested in this story that Demauro pulverized the previous casino record into cubes in one hour and twelve minutes. Patricia herself said that she wanted to use the money to take her grandchildren to Disney World.

The best thing is that Fujitake was a well-known and famous casino player and his performance was impressive but at the same time understandable if he knew the game mechanics well. The surprising thing about this woman is that she perfected her technique and learned well the risks she took and the benefits she could get while playing. No doubt the planets agree at times, leaving such tales worth absorbing.

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