There is no need to travel long distances or travel to the most remote part of the world to have a good time and entertainment at a casino. In Spain we have a selection of the best physical casinos that could be considered very well known around the world. Even in the places you least expect it, you’ll find rooms steeped in history and excellent service.

Is the case of the Roxy Casino in Valladolid. A room whose intrahistory goes back to the Civil War and which has undergone a very interesting process of change. Of course, the outer structure of the building was retained, because it is not just a casino, but a monument worth seeing. Even a place where you can enjoy a gastronomic moment with the best that Castile and León and the city lapped by the Pisuerga can offer.

Roxy Casino History

Roxy Casino has an ancestor that is also related to the entertainment world, but that has a lot more to do with the big screen. And it was the brothers Emilio and Jose Lafuente those who have decided to carry out works to enlarge the premises of the Lafuente cinemas. In the middle of the escalation of the civil war in Spain, they founded the Roxy cinemas.

The construction was entrusted to the architect Ramón Pérez Lozana and he made the right choice, because cinemas were not only a place to be as a hobby, but also became a monument in the city of Valladolid. Its architectural features, in the modernist style, were distinguished by the fact that they had nothing to do with the cinemas that were then open. We are talking about They were inaugurated on March 4, 1936.

At that time there was no building around it and its stalls jutted out right next to the upper amphitheater. Films of Spanish origin were shown there, extolling the national. The Lafuente brothers commissioned a remodeling team using local artists, so everything exuded a Spanish flair.

The success of these spaces has continued over time, but in 2010 came a change. The owner agreed with Enrique Cerezo, Businessman and President of Atlético de Madrid to sell the cinemas and convert them into a casino. The Casino de Castilla y León was the main project managed until 2014 when the cinemas finally closed after 78 years of history.

It was the Roxy Casino that gave life to the building and rooms where films of all kinds were shown long ago. The premises were expanded and a gambling shop was born, which is a reference in Valladolid. In 2019 the company changed hands again and became part of the Ballesteros Group to grow the brand. This is how everything related to casino games and market technology came into being.

Surroundings of Roxy Casino

The Roxy Casino is located in the area surrounding one of Valladolid’s traditional neighborhoods, the San Andrés-Caño Argales neighborhood, just south of downtown, although not too far away. It is an area with an industrial past, as it was key to the arrival of the railway, although the games room is further towards the Pisuerga River, almost on its banks.

Not far away is the Plaza del Poniente, an important place because it is well known and represents the access to the historic center of the city and the Plaza Mayor. Next to La Rosaleda they house an area full of restaurants, shops, parking and almost opposite an English courtyard. Unbeatable location for the arrival of tourists and city dwellers who want to enjoy their free time.

Roxy Casino

The gaming area at Roxy Casino is very well maintained. This also includes the machine room, which is open from 6 p.m. In it we can find an impressive selection of slot machines, with more classic slots and, for the most part, modern ones as well. Type C ones are the ones that abound, the ones that have no programming whatsoever and depend entirely on chance. Unlike other modules, these gadgets guarantee players more than 95% return on winnings.

For just a penny, customers can start playing there, with interactive slots, multi-game slots to choose from and a new concept recently launched as iTable Pokerwhere traditional poker games are combined with the latest technology.

Regarding the games that are distributed in tables, we can highlight these variants:

Roulette and Bingo are the most popular games and the ones in which most people get involved. And there is also room for this traditional type of ball in the casino. Sports bets are guaranteed thanks to Codere, which has created a space in the room to install its betting terminals.

But Poker tournaments are one of the elements that cannot be missing at Roxy. Most of these are conducted in the Texas Hold’em variant, where prizes are won and points are earned towards a leaderboard set by the casino. At the end of the year, the top 10 players play at a final table where the jackpot accumulated over the past eleven months comes into play.

And to complete the offer, The restaurant is above the playroom. A room where dinner is allowed from 9pm to 1am. There you can try local dishes on the daily menu or on the special menu recommended by the house, but you can also try dishes from the seasonal menu. A very cozy place to take a breather or enjoy an elegant etiquette dinner.

From opening at 6 p.m., the evening can be extended to 6 a.m. or 4 a.m. if it is a public holiday. It is required to wear appropriate clothing and pay an entrance fee of €3. It can accommodate almost 500 people at a time, even more if we have the restaurant’s seats.

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