In February 2022, the Autonomous Community of Extremadura entered into a historic agreement in which one of its casinos participated. It is certainly not just any game room, but the most famous in the entire region due to its importance and volume of business. And by the one that has managed to make this commitment a reality with the citizenry that prays corporate social responsibility of this class of companies.

He Gran Hotel Casino Extremadura reached an agreement with the board to sign a cooperation agreement and by which a percentage of its annual revenue now goes to projects of public benefit or social interest. In concept 5% of the profits already agreed since September 2021.

The agreement document listed the 28 companies in total that could benefit from this money from the casino, including companies such as Down Cáceres, Full Inclusion Extremadura, Association of Relatives of Alzheimer’s Patients Coria, Fundación Sorapán de Rieros or Somima- Attention.

The commitment also included the contribution of amounts from previous years, so that the casino used more than 480,000 euros, which remained in the hands of the public administration for their respective distribution. This number corresponds to the years from 2014 to 2019 in which the operator can boast of good health of its operations.

But Orenes group She did not want to be left alone in relations with the public sector and after the summer season of this year reached another agreement that remains in force in favor of carrying out social work. The Gran Hotel Casino Extremadura too continues its relationship with YMCA Spain.

YMCA is a voluntary and not-for-profit organization that since 1980 has strived to improve society through the holistic development of youth, new opportunities, environmental improvement and protection from vulnerability. Minors are their main field of action, although they have other active projects.

To which the casino from Extremadura has belonged for a long time is “Red [email protected] EQUALITY”, a plan funded by the Department of Social Rights and the 2030 Agenda that ensures the right to opportunities for all people regardless of gender. The good news is that the room continues to be one of the main partners in the list of companies associated with this agreement.

The Casino-Hotel has been closely linked to this type of work since its inception and seems ready to continue doing so despite the fact that the Covid pandemic and the spread of online casinos have left difficult economic prospects for Spanish casinos.

The casino

It must be remembered that Grupo Orenes was looking for an entity that had the support of a Five Star NH Hotel, with 58 rooms and three gastronomic rooms with four forks, where the main beneficiary was the traditional cuisine of Extremadura and its dishes. Therefore, the play area has been completed with the Red bar restaurantHe Restaurant Viewpoint Guadiana and the EOS lounge bar terrace.

This play area consists of an area of ​​up to 140 machines One-armed bandit and slot machines with exclusive models where you can get up to 2,000 times the value of the bet made in winnings. The casino has lever, reel, touch screen and linked models with jackpots.

Classic roulette and state-of-the-art electronic roulette, blackjack tables, points and bank tables, and poker games should also be added to this section, including Texas Holdem or no-discard poker.

Although it is poker that has a very special place at Gran Casino Extremadura, with the only authorized community poker room and where major poker tournaments are organized that bring many benefits of all kinds to Badajoz. The in-room Gaming Club is ideal for accessing these competitions.

And if the player can’t wait for the big events, they can always sign up for the poker cash levels in the room. The players book online or by phone and the management takes them into account continuously and conscientiously in the organization of the games.

In addition to the casino, an area is reserved River Bingo. As we can imagine this is a bingo hall with everything from traditional bingo to their own restaurant including quite a few 60 electronic bingo machinesVideo bingo and other variants.

Certainly a prominent establishment in Extremadura due to its proximity to the center of the city of Badajoz and good views of the Guadiana River.

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