He Gran Casino Bilbao Finally he has reached his goal. He had been chasing him for some time, only that the city council of the Biscay capital had prevented him from doing so, citing various problems in his relocation plan. But in the first half of 2023 managed to get the Consistory to accept his transfer to Plaza Campuzaneither.

Luckia Gaming Group, owner and operator of the arcade, had already shown its intentions and set initial deadlines for carrying out refurbishment work in the new space. The first steps would be in July when the whole thing would be unlocked.

The company wanted to open a new hotel complex but could not do so on the ground floor of the old Albia Coliseum. The building, whose construction dates back to 1916, housed a four-star hotel, restaurant and car park, as well as the casino, and was demolished as it was not profitable for the factory. The departure from Alameda de Urquijo was a matter of time.

Various neighborhood associations had lobbied to try to stop this strategic move. Many of the protests were based on the distances these types of premises must maintain from educational centers and other establishments of the same class, equating them with venues. However, the Bilbao government has denied that casinos have to follow the same rules as other betting sites.

Another problem was that the future dining room had to be located less than 40 meters from other dining rooms in the area, which was contrary to city regulations. However, the administrators of the Gran Casino Bilbao gave their project a spin until they got used to the promised parameters.

This is assured by various local media The capacity of the new venue will be between 600 and 700 people and that it will also be on the ground floor. The capacity of the restaurant, including seating, will be around 100 guests on a total area of ​​more than 180 square meters. In 2024 it will be inaugurated if the deadlines are met.

The mayor’s office checked all relevant reports for correctness and topicality and also prescribed the appropriate noise protection. And that the veto happened precisely on the inclusion of music shows and other shows. However, the Basque betting salon compensates you with other services. The former headquarters of the Astoria cinemas has a new owner and is called Luckia.

This is how the casino has built its offer

It must be remembered that in 2011, following another transfer, Gran Casino Nervión, the trading company responsible for Gran Casino Bilbao, chose the premises of the Alameda de Urquijo. In this case from the headquarters of Sociedad Bilbaína, where it has been since 1996. The casino wanted to modernize to become one of the most modern in Europe and to take advantage of the new technology that was introduced in the online casinos of the USA at that time. .

With the entry of Luckia as operator, there was a complete renewal of its offer. completed slot machines all kinds: classic reels and reels, video reels, multi-lines, multi-games and video bingos from a bet of just one cent. even implemented i tablets with various blackjack and poker games.

The traditional tables They were reserved for only a few variants, such as the following:

All come with guides so the user can learn the basic concepts and play from scratch if needed. And next to them were the sports bettingwith an exclusively reserved seat for portals of this type alongside screens intended to broadcast the day’s most important sporting events.

singular is his Bet on poker, not only because of the internal cash tournaments it hosts, but also because of its function as a focal point for national and regional card games. Thanks to its players’ club, you can get tickets to participate in games of the Luckia Poker Festival, which takes place in all the rooms of the company of Galician origin.

The Gran Casino Bilbao also has private rooms, multifunctional rooms where all kinds of events can be held and a snack bar where players can take a break for a snack or drink. And anyone who has visited the facility will recognize it for the daring and extravagant decoration it exhibits.

Undoubtedly one of the gaming benchmarks in the Basque Country that has to deal with changes to keep moving forward and that it shares with the other seven casinos in the group (in Mallorca, San Sebastián, Ceuta and Vigo in Spain, in Arica and Copiapó in Chile and in up to five cities in Croatia) from 10:00 a.m. to 04:00 a.m. every day of the year, except for the set closing date of December 24th.

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