Casinos that used to be listed buildings have now been remodeled to remain attractive. We’ve seen a lot of this in our review of iconic arcades around the world, and that’s partly because the game is partly art and still culture in many areas.

In malt also for many reasons. And you just have to see the fondness for the island as a tourist and holiday destination where it comes from. It derives from great ancient structures such as the Dragonara Palace, remodeled in the modern phase Dragonara Casino. Although other places like the Malta Casino are also worth visiting, this casino is the first to open on the island and the one that has held the greatest weight in history. You just have to see why.

History of Dragonara Casino

Old Casino Dragonara

He Dragonara Palace It’s quite a prominent position in Malta before and after it became a casino and it has a strange history to its name. Rather, there are two. The first is that some civilians spread a rumor that a dragon was hiding in a nearby cave, a theory supported by the sounds heard on Maltese nights. But probably this legend was created on purpose by smugglers in the area with the aim of getting people away from the place. The noise was certainly the result of the waves crashing against the rocks and the wind.

Another possibility is that he inherited the name of an old corsair named Dragut, whose battle camp was established in this area of ​​St. Julian’s. In fact, this point is still known as Dragut Point in 16th-century manuscripts, and that is why the area was named Dragonara Point. Quite plausible for a palace It was built in 1870 and which originally served as the residence for Emanuele Scicluna. This banker became a marquis at this point and belonged to the Maltese upper class.

Although it is not known exactly who built it, the truth is that the palace is very beautiful and inspired by neoclassical culture. Also its architecture later served as an inspiration for the construction of other buildings in the city. The Dragonara Palace featured a central courtyard, extensive gardens around it, a Fountain of Neptune just in front of the steps leading up to the hall, and also included frescoes by a well-known Italian author and Egyptian-style female sculpted figures. A whole work of art.

During World War I, Scicluna awarded it as camp hospital, while it was used to house refugees during World War II. Finally, in 1964, the Scicluna family gave the property to the Kursaal Company Limited and turned it into a casino. Dragonara Casino was the first casino to open in Malta and served as a claim to promote the country as an international tourist destination, particularly since part of the gardens became the Sheraton Hotel.

This complex was later replaced by the Westin Dragonara but the final step came in 1999 when Dragonara Gaming Ltd took over the property. Subsequently, thanks to an investment of around 15 million euros, the casino will be completely renovated and modernized to make it even more attractive. Now receives about 350,000 players annually And it’s one of those places in St. Julian’s that catches the eye from afar.

Environment of the Dragonara Casino

Dragonara Resort

Perched on a sort of promontory or promontory in the Mediterranean Sea, Dragonara Casino shines like the prettiest thing in town on the Maltese nights of Saint Julian’s. The build isn’t entirely sea-facing, and that’s thanks to the Merkanti Reef, a man-made reef where a good biodiversity of marine life coexists. Concrete blocks were placed on the seabed to repel the waves, and over time erosion has steepened the area, leaving a landscape worth seeing.

At this point in the Paceville region is the casino, but on the footpath that connects it to the rest of the city is also the Westin Dragonara Resort, several hotels, recreational areas such as clubs and pubs, and further still in the Es settlement are fast food outlets and all kinds of establishments where all tourists arriving in Malta are distributed. In fact, the area is designed for that, but also for the arrival of business people who also want to spend some time in the great casino.

Dragonara Casino

Dragonara Casino Tables

Dragonara Casino occupies a privileged place in Saint Julian’s and has a special room where we can find some 300 slot machines and slot machines of all kinds, from the most classic reels to the latest generation machines. Progressive jackpots, some of which are well known in the market, are ideal and preferred by players to win big jackpots and accumulated prizes.

In addition, there is a total 15 tables of live casino games and their games include:

there is one too VIP room for private games, ideal for high rollers, a sports room with screens to follow live events and terminals where these bets can be placed, and above all it stands out a top notch poker room overlooking Saint George Bay. It is the only poker room in the country with a sea view and has a large catalog of events including daily live poker tournaments and cash games depending on the level of the players.

The regional poker league is played on weekends and for those who want to start there are quite interesting packages including accommodation. These offerings also include services at the Sports Bar & Grill, La Brasserie and Club Lounge restaurants. In them you can organize events, give courses on playing certain specialties and much more.

The Dragonara Casino has a strict dress code and entry to the facilities costs €3. Lots of fun with sure charm awaits you inside.

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