Portugal is the forgotten territory of the Iberian Peninsula that holds many more treasures and enchanting places than we can imagine. In the tourism sector, it doesn’t disappoint anyone who visits as long as they know what to visit and when. And something very similar is happening in entertainment. There are two casinos in the Portuguese capitalLisbon, each more famous than the other, but both with something special.

He Casino Lisbon It is the little brother who can end up surpassing the older one. Its adaptation to modern times makes it a benchmark for the country and for all of Europe. Surprising, to say the least.

History of Casino Lisboa

Casino Pavilion Lisbon

This venue has come full circle that the company that manages it as Estoril Sol wanted to close. After the construction of the Estoril Casino in the 1930’s, the entertainment industry recognized the huge impact a casino could have on society. The state of Portugal decided that a new building would be a good way to invest in culture and therefore approved the construction The opening will take place on April 19, 2006.

The casino was in the same area as the Pavilhao do Futuro, used for the 1998 World’s Fair, and an annex building. A transformation began that involved 30,000 tons of steel, 1,700 cubic meters of reinforced concrete, 5,400 square meters of glass to cover all facades and 170 kilometers of cable. About 400 workers per shift contributed to the construction.

Over the years it has received 20 million visitors which has made it possible Distribute more than 2,300 million euros in prizes. The company currently employs 550 people and provides large amounts of money to the state for the restoration of cultural spaces in other parts of Portugal.

Surroundings of Casino Lisboa

Surroundings of Casino Lisboa

The Lisbon Casino is located in an area that bears its own name Park of Nations. This was the place where Portugal’s Expo 98 was celebrated, built and transformed into a center of cultural activities. It is in a fantastic area near the Tagus River Estuary and has been redeveloped to attract tourists and host many cultural activities.

Modern art buildings stand out in the distance, such as the Camoes Theater, the Lisbon Aquarium or the Casino itself. In this sense, the facade of the games room and its composition are very consistent with everything around it. The Pavilhao do Futuro, the place where much of the above World’s Fair was concentrated, used to be part of this park. Park full of green spaces and sculptures.

There are also numerous modernist style restaurants in the area and options for every crowd. For children there is the possibility to reach the cable car or to visit an educational exhibition.

Casino Lisbon

Lisbon Casino Slots

Casino Lisboa can boast of being one of the largest in the world. Its compatriot, the Estoril Casino, the Venetian Macao, the MGM Gran Las Vegas or the Foxwood Resort Casino, also in Las Vegas, are among the few that can be measured in the whole world. Has 50,000 square meters And maybe it doesn’t rank as one of the best casinos in the world because it’s a new gaming room, but the truth is that it might be because of its perks.

The casino currently has more than 1,100 slot machines with which most fans of these games will be delighted. There are a total of 200 different games to choose from, with the best graphics and high-resolution sound. There are classic slots, but this room opts for the new technology and many of these positions are multigame or video mode. Players longing for the old days need not worry as there are also typical 3-reel and spinning slots that will transport you to other bygone stages of your life.

With these machines, the credit can vary between one cent and two euros, depending on the terminal. Valid for players with or without experience and for players with or without luck. Jackpots and progressive jackpots allow them to spread big money over a whole year. Money that is also available at the gaming tables. There are more than 20 tables to fight against the merchant or other users. The available games are:

The latter is a novelty that not all casinos offer. It’s a game coined with the word “French” suggesting that it was developed in France, but the truth is so is originally from Portugal. Initially, it was only played in Portuguese casinos, but over time other casinos started to include it in their offer as well. Since it was popular among Portuguese users, they found this game everywhere they went. A great way to bring them joy and build loyalty with them. The game is played by the sums of the three dice of different colors that are thrown in each round. Unlike craps.

When it comes to poker, Casino Lisboa has a lot to offer Live tournaments and cash games in the different modalities of this game. The games usually last around two days and there is an entrance fee to enter. They’re even adding parallel tournaments during the week and a new stage for the weekends. A poker room of around 6,000 square meters, which also hosts important tournaments locally, nationally and internationally.

There are also other entertainment areas inside the venue where you can switch off from the action. On the one hand the Oceans Auditorium It is a cultural space that has become a reference in the Portuguese art scene and a reference for other spaces of a similar size. It seats 643 people, has a sliding backdrop that can be moved at will, and offers panoramic views of the rest of the casino. Music concerts, dance and theater performances, congresses, seminars, presentations and even parties are celebrated here.

On the other side is the sand lounge, a special place with giant screens as projectors, a dance floor at different heights and a circular intermediate area with tables from which to watch everything else. It serves the purpose of a bar but is used for live music performances, record players and circus events.

Then there are the cocktail bars and bars; One is dedicated to typical Chinese food, another to typical Lisbon gastronomy and another of a more general nature. There is even an art gallery arranged around the two previous rooms, knocking on the doors of the casino and another type of potential clientele appeals. All kinds of exhibitions take place there. This construction is a box full of surprises.

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