The game also at times points to areas where it has traditionally not been as engaged and not as respected. Latin American and southern European countries are more used to enjoying the honey of casinos and have a long history of nightlife.

This is not the case in Central European countries like Hungary. Its capital, Budapest, is the area where these activities have become most prominent, and thanks to the arrival of a Las Vegas-style company, they have managed to open several landmarks in this location. One of the most common references, if not the most, is the Sofitel Casino.

History of Sofitel Casino

Sofitel casino sign

Hungary has a relatively recent history with the game and that’s traditional It was not an area where this type of leisure activity was widespread. The current laws governing the game mostly benefit the casinos based on Hungarian soil, while foreign operators are completely left out. This is something that has caused a stir and controversy around the world in recent years, but is difficult to change.

It was in 2015 when the European country wanted to give its gambling halls a new twist and build new premises under the name of Las Vegas. This city’s main casinos and its worldwide popularity as a gambling city encouraged many states, including Hungary, to emulate its model and implement it on their lands.

However, the Sofitel Casino contributes More than 22 years of continuous use. What happened is that since 2015 it has a new concession contract. Next to and in its wake are the Corvin Casino in Sétány and three others in Budapest, namely the Atlantis, the Tropicana and the Atrium Eurocenter.

The latest measures taken by this casino include a 4-tier jackpot system that gives you a chance to win at every slot, a stricter 24-hour dress code, and a photo or passport requirement for new customers to present in order to identify oneself .

Surroundings of the Sofitel Casino

Surroundings of the Sofitel Casino

Sofitel Casino’s situation couldn’t be better. It is located in the center and heart of the city of Budapest, in the district of Lipótváros, which was to become the political, financial, commercial and tourist center of the capital. This classic neighborhood was initially divided into two parts, the other part corresponding to the ancient city of Pest, but after their merger, it gained importance on all the above levels.

Nearby are the Parliament building, Freedom Square, several museums, outstanding monuments such as churches and bridges crossing the Danube. This space is on its banks, surrounded by restaurants and fast food outlets, as well as accommodation and other attractions such as the Budapest Eye.

So it’s a place that caters to both local citizens interested in the game and tourists who come to Budapest in search of this type of leisure activity or tourism in general, visiting historical buildings and monuments would like. All of this pours through its doors every day, giving it a privileged situation that not all theaters in the country can have.

Sofitel Casino

Sofitel casino table

The Sofitel Casino has a approximate area of ​​720 square meters. It doesn’t seem like a great building if we compare it to other, more historical buildings in other European regions, but for a country like Hungary and a city like Budapest it’s quite a big playing field. The good thing is that you can use both the Hungarian forint and the European euro at all available machines. This is not the case in all gambling establishments, especially games that take place live or at the tables.

This room has 114 slot machines of all kinds. And they come in many different forms, being owned by various globally recognized distributors and software brands. They have 40 Novomatic machines, 21 EGT branded machines, 32 Amátic portals, 3 APEX portals, 6 Merkur gizmos, 8 IGT slots and 4 Ainsworth Ambassador pieces.

Among all of them, it should be noted that there are the most classic slot machines on the market, those with three reels, multigame portals where we can choose the variant that we like the most, and ultra-modern portals that are combinable with video devices. There are three electronic roulette machines: Alfastreet, Amatic Grand Jeu and EGT Vega8.

AND When it comes to live gaming tables, 21 units stand out Among these, the following modalities stand out:

Texas Holdem becomes the unlimited variety of tournaments held at its facilities while there are no sports betting, keno and bingo portals.

The main room is fully lit with panels and neon lights, which is a bit reminiscent of Las Vegas style, which is probably where the name comes from. The environment is quite close and both the walls and the floor transport the player to another time, a time when casinos were thriving and the industry was in good shape.

The good distribution and the fact that there are no withdrawal limits at the tables are its biggest assets. The tables where forint is played are more advantageous. They don’t have a loyalty program, although the idea of ​​the conglomerate is to keep growing in this regard and implement it for their regular players.

There is also a bar in the casino where you can have a drink, although not alcoholic. The restaurant offers a small menu for drinks and has screens to watch sporting events or other services of interest to customers. Entry is not permitted to anyone under the age of 18 and it will highlight the vacancies it offers in its area. Both as part of the security and delivery teams, as well as the rest of the staff present, they have opportunities for new workers.

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