When we talk about Hollywood, everyone thinks of the big screen and Los Angeles. In Florida, however, Hollywood exists, but as a city, not a neighborhood. This small town has a very special casino that is very well known in the United States, but since it cannot be found in a typical city for this type of entertainment like Las Vegas, it has less of an impact.

And it’s so outstanding because that’s how it is in this city the first casino to have a guitar-shaped hotel in its complex. Inevitably, the eye falls on this magnificent structure when passing by its surroundings, although the truth is that the games room also requires attention and is worth a visit. Among other things, because it belongs to an indigenous tribe and that is always synonymous with good care and quality.

History of the Seminole Hard Rock Casino

Entrance to the Seminole Hard Rock Casino

As with other American tribes, such as the Mohegan tribe, the tribe of the Seminole He decided to maintain his economic independence by starting his own business in 1979, running his first casino and founding Seminole Gaming on the side. A company that has gradually grown over the years and currently has 5 arcades and several Hard Rock branded hotels.

was in May 2004 when the Seminole Hard Rock Casino opened and in 2006 the tribe acquisition was completed. At the time, this was the first takeover of a large international corporation by an Indian tribe. The operation was completed for more than 700 million euros and came into effect from 2007.

The property remained in its same state until 2014, when the President of Seminole decided to make improvements, particularly with regard to access to the casino, bars, and other amenities. An expansion of the property has also been proposed to convert the area into a resort rather than just a casino. Also, the guitar-shaped hotel was built, the first in the world.

Surroundings of the Seminole Hard Rock Casino

Views of the Seminole Hard Rock Casino

Located in the city of Hollywood, Florida, the Seminole Hard Rock should not be confused with the famous Los Angeles neighborhood of California, which is the cradle of cinema. This Hollywood is less ostentatious, while still retaining the glamor of a beach town lapped by the Atlantic Ocean. This arcade is very close to the seafront, at the confluence of neighborhoods full of apartments and houses for rent.

In addition to many accommodation options, we find an international airport in the immediate vicinity, which means that there are many transport connections to get to the playground. We also have clubs and a good area where you can enjoy your free time. There’s no shortage of green space, as well as other competing casinos vying for the same clientele as Hard Rock.

Seminole Hard Rock Casino

Seminole Hard Rock Casino Tables

The casino is located on a property that can be between the 13,000 square meters approximately. This is due to the wide variety of rooms, especially slot machines About 3,100 in total. This distribution creates a contemporary, relaxed and stimulating environment in which customers can easily play for hours. Payouts on the main slots range from a penny to $5, but there is a high limit slot section for the more adventurous players.

The bets start at one dollar and can reach up to $1,000. In addition, two other areas with slot machines have been specially designed for non-smokers. There is the main room for non-smokers and the high limit room for this exclusive audience. And how could it be otherwise, there are machines for every taste and type. If the choice is so wide, there are classic reel slots and those that perfectly integrate new technologies.

Also highlight the progressive multigame jackpots and mega jackpots that can bring the most benefits. One of them recently gave a woman the biggest slot machine jackpot ever hit in the state of Florida. As far as board games go, we’ve moved almost 200 boards which include the following variants:

And another game that cannot be missed in Seminole is poker. Not only do the gaming tables have variations, but there is also a place reserved in the casino for most amateur players. An award winning room that hosts daily tournaments and is very well equipped with projectors and flat screen TVs to watch sporting events whilst playing poker. you can play with it Big bets in your room, open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This area has another 40 tables with no-limit variants such as Texas Holdem, 7-Card Stallion or Omaha Hi-Lo. All this close to a bar and restaurant service to serve the players.

The gaming room also benefits from the rest of the services of the complex, organizing events both in the Hard Rock Live room, with a capacity for 7,000 spectators, and in the Comedy Club, which has a total of more than 20 bars and restaurants, as well as the sports bars, live music rooms and other services more hotel-focused, such as the spa.

And so that you can also take the casino with you on your smartphone or mobile device, Hard Rock Casino has developed an application with social games where you can earn winnings that you can later redeem in the game room. The maximum expression of the online casino but with a social casino appeal.

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