If there’s something that also attracts casinos, it’s their exclusivity. Surely in our list of online casinos you will also find the offers of physical casinos, but in a different context, more tied to the most classic atmosphere of the game. And the Ajaccio Casino It’s one of those special places because that’s what it’s about only casino on the island of Corsica, and it’s an exceptional place to have a good time. Among other things, because the destination also invites you to mix the game with other entertainment offers.

A casino that attracts many players, mainly French and from the rest of the world, as soon as they arrive at their destination and choose nearby accommodation to spend their vacation or stage in Ajaccio. Nothing to envy this space compared to much larger rooms.

History of the Casino of Ajaccio

The Casino of Ajaccio has in a way followed the same line as the island of Corsica in terms of advances and preparations in tourism. After emerging from its dark stage of housing dangerous and mafia-like characters, the island, which is considered a true mountain in the middle of the sea, entered a period of touristic exploitation that led to it becoming a tourist destination under consideration.

There it wasThe casino was designed as a leisure center Ideal for the population of Ajaccio and the island in general, but above all for the tourists who come to this area and leave their mark there. After the renovations that have been carried out in recent years, the games room has been decorated with outstanding paintings and looks very stately from the outside, almost like an old palace.

Surroundings of the Casino of Ajaccio

The casino is located in the heart of the Gulf of Ajaccio, practically on the coast and next to the Saint-François beach. The place is very close to the citadel and a few steps from the port and has an impressive promenade lined with palm trees. Walking through the sands, you will reach outstanding tourist attractions and ideal walks for visitors and tourists, from the center of the city to the cathedral. You can easily get there on foot and the bus stops are also very close by.

So it is a very commercial area, with shops nearby, restaurants and even parking, which helps customers arriving by car. Supermarkets are also very close by in one of the most southwestern corners of the island of Corcega.

Ajaccio Casino

As for the games room as such, we can say that it is just as impressive on the inside as it is on the outside. At the entrance we will see spiral floors that will captivate us and guide us through the tables and machines of the casino. The stools and chairs are designed to provide comfort to the user, and the great lighting and decoration make the place not a dark place like an old-fashioned casino. The Casino of Ajaccio brings the player to life and therein lies its charm.

Among other things, because their scope is distributed all around 60 slot machines of all kinds, and for which there is a separate room in the living room. In addition to fixed jackpots, classic and newer machines also offer progressive jackpots as main attractions. They can win big and are the most popular game choice for visitors, even at some tables where player care is a priority.

It must be said that the range of slot machine bets is between 2 cents and 2 euros, with the particularity that there are some more exclusive machines where the minimum bet can be higher and therefore the win also increases significantly. You can play the slots with peace of mind from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m.

There are different types of games at the casino tables, including:

at the tables of live pokerMost of the action takes place in the room reserved by the casino itself as a poker room. Regular tournaments run from 8:30pm to 4am. There is no better place in the city of Ajaccio if you want to test your card luck and mental abilities against other players.

He also I said no and the bingo They have an act of presence, with games occasionally running at 9:30pm and also until 4am. In order to gain access to this casino you have to respect the age limit, dress code and etiquette rules and usually go through quite strict security measures. Some measures that are appreciated even in difficult times.

It should also be noted that Ajaccio Casino has a casino a bar to have a drink and rest from the activity of the game, and also a restaurant to organize your dinners and meals. You can also be part of the Club Lounge, which gives you exclusive services and other benefits within the casino. For events organized indoors, this target group has priority over the others.

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