The year 2020 has not been the best for the service sector. With the intervening global pandemic of Covid-19, few farms have been able to sustain losses and protect themselves from the restrictions countries have had to self-impose on their populations. Casinos have also been affected by these measures, and online casinos have also had some of their usual activities restricted. In the case of physical casinos, three months of closure made everything complicated. For those who have only recently opened it, the effect will be even stronger.

Among these openings we must highlight Odysseus Casino, one of those gambling halls that aimed to be one of the best casinos in Spain and that for various reasons have become unique in Europe. First to the hosting the largest flown basin of the old continent and at 42 meters long, the second in the world. And second, because I’m one of those salons that have their own show organization team. This made Murcia a unique place for casino tourism and for all curious fellow citizens who wanted to try their luck at one of its games.

In the 15,000 square meters of spaceSpread over three floors, the restaurant can accommodate up to 2,000 people and has a team of 240 professionals who ensure that all customers feel comfortable and well served. Odiseo accommodates slot machines, of which more than 150 and some of them are exclusive, but also for roulette tables, Texas Holdem, Texas Holdem Bonus, poker without discards, blackjack, punto y banca and baccarat. It also has a state of the art sports betting room and an attached sports bar where you can enjoy drinks, breakfast or whatever you find on the menu.

A menu designed by a famous Michelin-starred chef, indicating that the Grupo Orenes wanted to focus on gastronomy with this building which took about two years. With a cast of performers capable of performing acrobatic shows, dinner shows and other disciplines, an American-style casino is complete and will have to wait years to come to reach the 300,000 visitor figure that was projected at the inauguration this 2020.

An inauguration in style, with the presence of celebrities and that had it all. Acrobatics, tightrope walkers, live music and even a final fireworks display. Everything is based on the great presentations that usually take place in the most outstanding casinos in a city like Las Vegas. It is spaces of this type that inspired the architects in their work and it is one of the elements to highlight when we visit Murcia and its entire region. However, as said, it won’t be possible for the rest of this year and we’ll see what comes next.

Odysseus Casino Games

The Odysseus Casino is also quite peculiar in terms of its shape inspired by the Parthenon in Athens. Seen from the outskirts, its shape is reminiscent of the famous Greek monument, although it is the lighting that makes the difference. Manuel Clavel wanted to mix concepts, necessarily including spaces dedicated to water and vegetation, so typical of peninsular Spain. This also allowed him not to lose sight of his goal of creating a welcoming place with differentiated spaces and very modern spaces.

Orenes has invested a total of 30 million euros to make this casino one of the jewels of the Murcian crown. The Red Bar transports visitors to the intimate atmosphere of the casinos of the 70’s, while the club is located in the underground area where social gatherings are held and events organized in the hall can be enjoyed. And on the roof you can take a refreshing dip in the pool and organize events on a terrace perfectly prepared for presentations and events of all kinds.

Odiseo also has gift packs for customers to rent, parking, a fleet of transfer vehicles and even has an agreement with the Hotel Rincón de Pepe to accommodate any player who needs it. In fact, the Casino de Murcia, previously housed in this hotel complex, has moved to this new location to unify this casino and make it even stronger.

A casino that has recently joined the fleet of physical gambling establishments in Spain and has not had any luck due to the phase in which it opened its doors to the public, but which lays claim to once being one of the best and most appreciated to be to restore normality. In February 2021 it celebrates its one year anniversary in Murcia, halfway between El Puntal and Cabezo de Torres. An ideal area for the surrounding shopping malls, as well as sports facilities, an amusement park and a business park.

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