Casino Barcelona continues to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the launch of its online gaming platform and after the end of the first quarter of this year 2023, it released new improvements hoping to guarantee a better experience for its customers and players. Some advances that are already being noticed over the weeks and that it is good that their bettors know in detail.

The online casino celebrations of a very special new birthday have been going on since late last year, although there are notable changes at the start of this year. As a matter of fact, A new website with a renewed design was launched last February and features inspired by major technological advances.

Perhaps the simplest of all has to do with that Customization of the game page, since the increase and decrease of the screen, the ability to close some information tabs and the recommendation of the most popular slot machines and slots among users have been implemented. This way the experience would gain to become more immersive.

And certainly the most outstanding thing has to do with greater personalization for the bettor as the internet has added the ability to do that Add favorite games and games you have recently played since you last logged into your Casino Barcelona account. An artificial intelligence is in charge of managing these processes, although they are not the only ones.

This system also adds a game search engine intended for gamers to find any title in the catalog very quickly. The search can be filtered by provider, category, slot type and more features that will be made available to users in the future. This AI analyzes patterns and offers more relevant results according to the information provided by the casino.

“Casino Barcelona demonstrates non-conformity and innovation, and reinforces its commitment to online gaming operations,” reads a recent statement. This also hinted Changes in players’ personal account area, which has become much more intuitive. In addition to adding a recovery service for users who do not complete registration.

There are also notable changes in the form of registration as the process becomes much easier and more attractive. The form for creating an account is also new and more modern than the previous one. Also worth noting is the graphical support they have added to their entire offering, making access via small screens such as mobile phones or tablets one of their pillars.

This metamorphosis in the online platform was something they had already announced of Peralada group had shown great interest at various trade fairs for the gaming industry and its suppliers. Technological advances help increase the volume of the game and for the time being it exceeds user expectations as the feedback has been very positive.

Since then, Casino Barcelona has also made changes in March expanded the games catalog to 2,000 slots. This, along with its good numbers at roulette games, blackjack, poker variants and sports betting tournaments, makes the Barcelona room a great place to bet your money.

However, there could still be improvements for one of the best land-based casinos in Spain as the celebrations are pushed back to the summer phase of this year. It is not excluded that exclusive bonuses for visitors belonging to the players’ club can also be implemented at their premises in the Olympic Port of Barcelona.

It must be remembered that Casino Barcelona has been active since 1978, when its land-based casino opened, moving to its current situation in 1998, and that it only began to be present in the online environment in 2012, when the Spanish legislation began to allow the creation of new gambling areas on the Internet.

Since then it has become an ideal casino for the Spanish user, since with 100% national capital it tends to personalize its attributes in order to attract a potential customer anchored in its peninsular roots. And while the physical casino remains a priority, online operations are gaining more and more weight in its business model.

in his rented rooma state-of-the-art space designed to live virtual reality experiences and game simulations, He also released something he called “SIMRACING”.. A system that replicates the sensations of professional racers and aims to be able to cover future events of popular digital competitions based on eSports.

You can test all these changes yourself at Casino Barcelona by accessing them from our platform.

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