The Wild West of online gaming offers exciting opportunities for web gunslingers. Although the sheriff has tightened the rules, there are still many free zones. These are illegal sites without an AAMS license. We need to understand whether venturing into these wild areas could pose dangers for Italian players in terms of safety and honesty.

Furthermore, the age-old question arises Paying taxes in Italy (for residents). So let’s take a look at whether there are risks involved in driving without an Italian license and how to find a safe limousine in which to try your luck.

Gaming sites without AAMS license

There are many portals in the internet world Online betting And online casino that operate without a license from the Customs and Monopolies Authority (ADM, formerly AAMS). There is a perception that a website without an Italian license is automatically unsafe or risky. In fact, these websites often have a license to operate in other countries with different laws, where it is easier to obtain them.

The question of licensing

Therefore, it may happen that the portal made a request to the ADM, but could not receive it due to the lack of the necessary requirements. Or the operator may have decided not to apply and would rather turn to other countries with less strict regulations.

Online casino

Online casino

Requirements required by Adm

When analyzing the conditions imposed by the customs authority, it becomes clear that many managers find it difficult to obtain authorization to legally operate in Italy.

For example, you must have run a gaming company in Europe with a turnover of at least 1.5 million euros in the last 2 years. The site must have an “.it” domain. Data and documents from owners and shareholders are required. A description of the platform and games. Proof of software quality. A detailed business plan. A financial capacity of at least 1.5 million. And a deposit of 350,000 euros.

These are complex requirements that explain why many portals choose to operate without an Italian license.

Tables and Balzelli for playing in Italy

The fixed VAT rate is 20%, after which additional taxes are added depending on the game:

  • Financial bets: 20% of gross sales
  • Online casino: 0.6% of sales
  • Sports betting: 3.5%
  • Skill games: 3%
  • Horse racing: 10%
  • Bingo: 11.5%

The ADM imposes strict rules that potential operators must follow. The companies must be registered in Italy. ADM specialists work closely with the government to review license applications.

  • The process of obtaining permits is complex.
  • Operators must meet strict financial and legal requirements.
  • We need business solidity and compliance with Italian regulations.
  • The industry is strictly regulated.
  • The state wants its share of every episode.
  • Taxes are high to prevent problem gambling.
  • And to replenish the public coffers with the income from gambling.

Why play on foreign sites?

What advantages do foreign non-ADM gaming portals offer? Mainly more attractive bonuses and promotions to attract new users. Foreign sites often have fewer restrictions on self-exclusions and betting caps.

Pay attention to taxes

Profits on ADM platforms are taxed at source, not those from foreign websites. Therefore, those who win on portals without an Italian license should report the amounts to the Agency of Revenue, otherwise they risk sanctions for tax evasion.

Pay attention to the license

Many foreign sites have an international gambling license, for example from Malta or Curacao. With a reliable driving license, even if it is not Italian, you can have peace of mind.

The situation is different with portals that are completely illegal and without any license. These websites should be avoided as they do not guarantee the security of users’ data and money.

Foreign portals with an international license offer advantages, but be careful with overly attractive promotions: they could hide pitfalls. And be careful when reporting your winnings to the tax office.

What are the risks of playing in unlicensed online casinos?

There are not many concrete dangers. The main reason is that winnings cannot be withdrawn. To test reliability, one strategy could be to deposit a small amount and try to withdraw even small amounts won.

If the withdrawal is not successful, it does not mean that the website is fraudulent. There may be restrictions due to a bonus. Therefore, it is important to read the terms and conditions and promotions carefully.

In any case, choosing portals with a reputable international license reduces the risks. Malta, Curacao or other reputable jurisdictions protect the consumer. They guarantee the payout of winnings and data security.

The greatest dangers lie with completely illegal and unauthorized sites. These should be avoided. It is a smart solution to only play on licensed portals, even if they are not Italian. The tax risk is lower, but not zero: remember to declare your profits.

With a little forethought, you can easily play on foreign platforms. It is important that you do your research and stick to certified locations in your country.

We at CasinoItaliaWeb recommend that all our readers play ONLY at AAMS licensed online casinos

online casinoonline casino

online casino

Frequently asked questions about playing on an unlicensed website

Is it illegal to play on foreign websites without an Italian license?

No, it’s not illegal. Many foreign websites are licensed to operate in countries with different regulations than Italy. It is important that you have a valid license in your country.

What are the risks of playing on a foreign non-ADM website?

The main risks are inability to withdraw winnings, problems with reporting winnings to the Italian tax authorities and lack of security on completely illegal websites. With reliable portals, risks are reduced.

How to recognize a reliable foreign website?

Check for an international license, check support, reviews, secure payment methods and read the terms and conditions. A license from Malta, Curacao or similar is positive.

Is there a risk with bonuses and promotions on foreign sites?

The promotions are often convenient, but pay attention to the conditions: some bonuses prevent a withdrawal until the turnover is completed. Always read the rules.

How do I play safely on foreign portals?

Before registering, do your research, start with small amounts, only choose sites with a known license, check the withdrawal requirements, declare winnings in Italy. Play responsibly.

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