How many players who play in online casinos hope to one day hit a jackpot and perhaps have fun playing a slot machine or playing poker or blackjack? Let’s find out together what types of jackpots there are and what this word means in Italian.

Jackpot means Jack+Pot in Italian

Now the English word Jackpots has entered the common language gamble Also in Italy. When we play an online slot machine, we happen to play a title that offers an additional “jackpot”, called the jackpot.

But what does the word jackpot mean in our language? The term is derived from the union of two words in English: the first is Jack, which means jack in Italian, and pot, pot.

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What types of jackpots are there?

There are two types of jackpots that we can find in Italian online casinos. The first is a Fixed jackpot and the final price does not vary but is set before the bet.

The value changes depending on the bet amountThe higher the amount of the single bet, the higher the value of the jackpot that the player can win.

The second is the progressive jackpot, which increases depending on the number of participants in the game. Every bet made by the individual online player contributes to increasing the overall jackpot. This can then be won in a single jackpot or split into three tiers: Epic, Major or Minor.

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