When writing an editorial dedicated to the situation of physical casinos, one can only assume the number of casinos on the peninsula, which is currently only 4 units and are all located in the northern part of Italy.

Where are the four Italian casinos?

Before we understand why Italy decided not to open any new physical casinos, let’s give a brief description of the four active casinos.

Let’s start with that Casino of Campione d’Italiacommunity that is part of Lombardybut actually it is a Italian enclave on Swiss territory. The casino was closed due to bankruptcy and has only been fully operational again for a few months.

Casino de la Vallee and is located in the Aosta Valley, more precisely in the municipality of Saint Vincent. In the 80’s it was the number one casino in Italy in terms of turnover and number of players, but since the 2000’s it has lost a lot of its charm.

Casino Sanremo is located in the flower city of Sanremo Liguria and for many years it was the casino of choice for the majors Live poker tournaments organized in Italy.

Casino in Venice is located in the beautiful city of Venice Veneto and actually has two casinos. One is near the airport and dedicated to slot machines and one in the city center dedicated to all games.

Casino of Campione d’Italia

Why are there only four casinos in Italy?

It is not easy to answer this question, but we try. The first point to consider is the Catholic Church’s ban on gambling which actually prevented or at least hindered the emergence of casinos in Italy.

The second point is a possible involvement in the management of new casinos criminal organizations, This allowed sums of money to be laundered, preventing passage of a law liberalizing casinos in Italy.

third point, legislation that dates back to the days of fascism and which, in fact, did not consider new openings and even ordered the closure of other existing casinos at the time and “tolerated” the existence of the four casinos currently in operation.

Casino Sanremo

Casino Sanremo

One casino per region?

In Italy, in contrast to neighboring countries France, Austria, Switzerland and Slovenia, preference was given to allowing arcades to open Where only slot machines can be played, there are thousands of them across the peninsula, rather than allowing a set number of casinos to open per region.

They have been presented over the years numerous legislative proposals to regulate the sectorbut nothing has changed to date, there are only 4 physical casinos in Italy and if you want to spend an evening playing slots you can play in the arcades or online through online casinos.

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