the bookmaker Play Uzu has a good selection of roulette to which you can play live with your mobile phone or tablet from anywhere.

This bookmaker is It is a new casino operating in Spain. Once licensed, it will significantly expand SkillOnNet’s reach in Europe, offering players in this new jurisdiction the same unbeatable transparency, honesty and trust that users in other regulated markets already enjoy.

Important Announcement

Out of May 1, 2021to receive a promotion or offer from a bookmaker or casino, You must be registered, have been using the service for at least 30 days and have verified your identity. If you are registered for 30 days you will need to go to the “Promotions/Offers” section to find out if there are any promotions.

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As we mentioned earlier, heto the betting house Play Uzu has a good selection of roulette to which you can play live with your mobile phone or tablet from anywhere.

It’s a bookmaker who believes in that fair play. As such, there are no minimum wagering requirements for any of their rewards or offers.

Many people may have doubts when entering an online casino due to the safety and legality. But in this respect there is nothing negative to say Play UZUsince it is a official casino, 100% legal and safe to play.

Offers surprises These are the special gifts they leave in your account every day. With them you get more play, more fun and even more bonuses, such as exclusive online casino promotions or offers personally selected for you.

How does it work

First, you have to be in order to play registered.

Once you’ve registered, you should know that Play Uzu There are several roulettes which are as follows:

  • automatically
  • live roulette
  • Live Flash
  • French Roulette Pro V2
  • French By Evolution Automatic Roulette
  • French Roulette Pro
  • French Roulette Pro Special
  • Live Roulette French by Evolution

The key to the game of roulette is that it is very, very easy to learnand offers pure emotion. You only need three things:

  1. A roulette divided into sectors and in each sector a number and a color.
  2. A ball dropping onto the wheel as it starts spinning, making it bounce and bounce until it permanently falls into a square.
  3. A Carpet or table with the numbers and colors shown to place bets on the square where you think the ball will land.

Play at PlayUzu Casino!

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