The two most powerful gods in Greek mythology are in a head-to-head race popular slot Zeus vs. Hades: Gods of War. Today we want to talk to you about this game that you will already find inside Gran Madrid online casino.

If you are a customer of this gambling site, both this and others are available to you more than 1,500 slots. Today we focus on Zeus versus Hadesbut if you want to know more about the catalog of games or the opportunities that it contains Gran Madrid online casinoWe encourage you to read our analysis.

Zeus vs. Hades is the new slot from Gran Madrid Casino Online

The final battle between the two most powerful gods in Greek mythology is here… and you must choose your side. The harmony of the chief of the mount olympus against chaos, destruction and fire underworld. Zeus versus HadesThere is nothing more to say.

This game available at Gran Madrid Casino Online is one of the best most interesting slots both in terms of subject and mechanics. The title has five roles and overall 15 paylines. Its design is quite complex and it can also convince in terms of sound.

Zeus vs Hades has a maximum prize of up to x15,000 times the amount of money invested. You can play in it €0.10 until €12 and the RTP (Back to player) rises 96.05%, a more than interesting value in the case of a relatively new game. Be The volatility is highmeaning that while there are fewer wins, they are bigger than other lower volatility games.

Within Zeus versus Hades Slot, we found some special game forms, such as symbols (wilds, expanding wilds with x100 multipliers and scatters). The latter can give you access to the Free Spins Mount Olympus or the Underworld is where the best prizes are hidden.

How to Play Zeus vs Hades Slot at Gran Madrid Casino Online

  1. Enter the Gran Madrid Casino Online do Click this link. Click the “Create Account” button that appears at the top right of the screen.
  2. Enter the data that Gran Madrid Casino will ask you to create your account and verify your identity.
  3. In your user profile, do the following: first income with your preferred payment method.
  4. Enter the casino area and write Zeus versus Hades in the slot browser. There you will see all available games.
  5. Access and read the game information area of it to know 100% how it works.
  6. Gamble responsibly (+18).

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