Bar slot machines are a very special type of online slot machine that will certainly not have been lost on players who follow the news in online casino catalogs more closely: they are, in fact, slot machines that are in every way different from classic bar slot machines are inspired, but in completely digital form. Online Bar Slots: Features and Tips for Optimum Playing.

But what are the differences to “classic” slot machines and what functions characterize them? What’s the best way to play it without being disappointed?

In the next sections you will learn everything about this type of online slots, get to know them in all their components and, above all, get advice on how best to play these online slots.

Play classic slots with modern technology

There is nothing better than the “great classics”: tested, reassuring and, there is no denying it, endowed with the vintage charm that we can only recreate as best as possible these days.

Classic bar slots belong to this category: They have all the functions that made the “old” machines attractivepresent in bars and tobacconists in Italy as well as in arcades and casinos around the world, But they use all the advantages of digitalization (including the ability to access numerous welcome bonuses and free spins and promotions offered by online casinos).

Therefore, when we talk about classic slot machines, we are referring to all slot machines in online version that have inherited the characteristics of the slot machines of the past and that is why they are still called that today: 3 reels, traditional symbols (impossible, not). (just think of the symbols representing cherries, the number 7 and the famous Liberty Bell of the American tradition) and few or no additional features.

However, today’s new slot machines benefit from a much more sophisticated design and game interfacesIt also offers the opportunity to play in a much more “varied” way, since there are many more reels, symbols with special functions and the ability to open real mini-games within the games (if the combinations of symbols obtained allow this). ).

Ultra Hold & Spin Slots

Ultra Hold & Spin Slots

How do online bar slots work?

The way bar slots work is very similar to that of other online slots, or rather the opposite: VLT bar machines are in fact the model that allowed the inspiration and subsequent development of all other types of slots.

Just like all the slot machines you are used to, when playing online cash slots you need to set a bet using the corresponding buttons in the game interface and then start the round by clicking on the corresponding button. When the reels have come to a stop, thanks to the winning lines you can check which winning combinations were created with the slot symbols and continue with a new spin of the reels.

Again, the difference from classic slot bars lies in the presence of advanced features and excellent graphics compared to those of the past, but the mechanics of the game have remained the same and have not lost even a touch of charm and adrenaline. That’s what distinguishes them.

A little curiosity: in the world of bar slots there is a very large percentage of Egypt and Lucky Books themed games.

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Key Features of Online Bar Slots

As explained earlier, thanks to technology, online bar slots have an advantage over the new ones today Real money slots Classics and also the first digital slots.

These are the key aspects of bar slots that we will discuss in more detail in the next few paragraphs:

  • Symbols
  • roll
  • Paylines

First of all, the symbols have retained the same style as in the past, but are best reproduced thanks to precise graphics and no longer resemble the first versions of online bar slots. The most famous, as we remember, are all those in the shape of fruits that have contributed to the success of 3-reel slots: the lemon, the plum, the cherries, the BAR font, the bell and the number 7.

The reels, another key element of bar slots, still consist of 3 in the vast majority of cases, just like slots in bars and tobacconists.

Finally, the winning lines allow you to make the games much more interesting: in fact, there is no longer a single winning line that rewards the combination of 3 winning symbols horizontally in the middle of the reels, but many more combinations are possible and therefore many more chances to win.

The reels of the bar slot machines: tradition meets innovation

3-reel slots are the standard for AAMS/ADM bar slot games, both live and online. This feature has always been a feature of bar slot machines, when machines that could pay out prizes were invented in the late 19th century when the required winning combination appeared on the reels.

However, this does not mean that there has not been an ability to innovate in this regard: today it is also possible to find classic 5-reel slots and classic 7-reel slots online without compromising the online gaming dynamics of the games .

Here too, innovation is not the enemy of tradition, on the contrary: with the increase in winning combinations, games with fruit slots have been made even more interesting while maintaining the standard number of 3 reels.



Differences between bar slots and video slots: features compared

Video slots are special digital slots, and in a sense they can be said to represent an evolution of the machines known as New Slots and are in all respects “relatives” of the classic bar slots: in fact, both have the The structure consists of a common basic game and the goal is to form a winning combination of symbols on the reels.

However, the fundamental difference is that the type of bar slots does not offer any special features and that online video slot games are infinitely more numerous than those of the physical slots found in arcades or in the best casinos such as Snai , Sisal and Eurobet.

So, thanks to the technological innovations available today, digitalization is once again expanding gaming possibilities, and for those who want to experience the thrill of playing slots “like they used to,” online cash slots are available to bring players closer together. Vintage” gambling experience.

Useful tips for playing bar slots online

So playing bar slots means looking for a gaming experience that is close to the classic tradition of 3-reel slots with fruit symbols, but at the same time with all the advantages of online slots.

Those who play this type of slot machine for the first time should keep in mind some precautions that apply even to inexperienced beginners or to professional players who want a “review” of the rules that should be well remembered before playing the slot machines. Online slot machines, whether classic or alternative.

As we will explain in more detail in the next paragraphs, it is important to play with the demo version of the bar slots, set a limit on your bets and, above all, always check the RTP of the selected slots.

Online Bar Slots: 4 Fowl PlayOnline Bar Slots: 4 Fowl Play

Online Bar Slots: 4 Fowl Play

Play the demo version first

When you play with the demo version of bar slots, you can find out about the slot you are dealing with before betting your real money: When you interact with a free bar slot, you can play the whole (or enjoy almost all of the fun of an effective slot, always remain within the bounds of caution.

However, most online casinos always provide players with demo versions of the most important and well-known slots to make their choice easier..

Set a limit

Setting limits to one’s play is a habit that should characterize the behavior of all players, even the most experienced ones. The following applies to bar slot machines as well as to all others: Set a limit for your bets It’s a simple action (just enter it using the corresponding buttons) and allows you to always be in control of your finances during games.

Check the RTP of the slot

The acronym RTP stands for Return to Player: This is a percentage that indicates the theoretical return of a slot machine. Normally the RTP in percentages is above 90%, And it is always better to be wary of slot machines whose RTP is too low or, even worse, is not clearly stated in the game information.

The best online bar slots between classic and modern

When looking for one Bar slots to play online You are spoiled for choice: between classic slot bars and those with a more modern touch, an interesting and non-trivial gaming experience is always guaranteed.

Among the more “traditional” titles we remember those that strongly reflect the concept of fruit slots as in the past:

  • Fancy Fruits Double Rush slot;
  • The famous Hen Fowl Play Gold slot;
  • Ultra Hold & Spin Slots;
  • 3 Hit Pay Slots;
  • Sizzling Hot Deluxe Slots;
  • Jackpot Jester 200,000 slot machines.

However, when it comes to the most innovative bar slots produced by software houses such as Novomatic, IGT, Netent and WMG, we can find the following titles online:

  • Hot Hot Chilli Pot slots;
  • Ulysses Slots;
  • Disco Danny Slots;
  • La Casa de Papel Clasico slot;
  • Triple Tigers Slots;
  • Crazy Pizza Slots;
  • Break Da Bank Slots;
  • Book of Ra Deluxe;
  • lady’s lucky charm;
  • haunted house;
  • The Great Simple;
  • Sphinx;
  • Monopolies.

So, whether it’s classic bar slots or modernized free bar slots, all you have to do is start playing, always taking all the necessary precautions to enjoy a safe and, above all, satisfying gaming experience.

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