AGAINST just posted his Flash Quota for the game of it Tuesday, May 23rd in which Barcelona will travel to Valladolid and in which the bet will be made Lewandowski Gate will be rewarded with an improved offer. Without a doubt… a prognosis to consider.

Concretely, you can place your bet on it Lewandowski will score for Valladolid split 2.50 euros for every euro spent. This means, for example, that you bet in total €10, You have the option to get up €25 of potential earnings.

Bet on Lewandowski’s goal against Valladolid in VERSUS

The VERSUS flash odds They are among the bookmaker’s most outstanding services, as they take common forecasts and improve them in very interesting ways. Best of all, these are not part of any promotion or offer and are therefore available to all users.

In the case of this Wednesday, it refers to the Valladolid vs Barcelona (22:00) That will face two teams with very different realities. On the one hand there is a Barça who arrives as the new LaLiga champions and on the other hand there is a Valladolid who comes with 35 pointsat number 18 (currently declining).

The Blaugrana They don’t play anymore, but as expected, they will do their best not to change the competition. He Valladolid, For his part, he will have to give everything from the first second of the game. Depending on the result of the competitors, a defeat can practically lead to relegation to the second division.

He barca is the big favorite to win at odds of 1.95 euros. He tie will be paid 3.80 and the triumph of ValladolidAlso to 3.80.

How to register at VERSUS and bet on Lewandowski’s goal against Valladolid

  1. Access VERSUS do Click this link. Click the button ‘Check in’ which you can find in the upper right part of the screen.
  2. Enter all data that the bookmaker will ask you to create your account.
  3. Do one first income with your preferred payment method.
  4. Enter the section “bets” and click football. Then enter the game between Valladolid and Barcelona.
  5. Find the forecast Lewandowski Gate vs Valladolid and the improved odds of VERSUS will appear.
  6. Click on it and enter the bet amount betting slip and click Bet.

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