Do you want to bet? General Elections to the President of Government of Spain 2023 and you don’t know where to do it? Don’t worry because today we are going to tell you how to do it bets To PP, PSOE, VOX or SUMAR for the elections on Sunday 23 July!

Which bookmaker to bet on the elections at? Although there are several options, this is one of the best that we can find at the moment Luck. Below we share with you the odds and favorite parties winning both the elections and the election for President of the Government.

Choice bets – odds and favorites at Luckia

Which party will win the elections? Which politician will take over the next government presidency? These are questions that will be asked for now – and until then July 23-, they will not have an answer… but the bookies are already doing their cabal.

And it is that a few days before the elections forecasts They are based on some aspects such as: election polls conducted in recent weeks and sensations left by politicians in debates and meetings with the media. The timing of the election campaign is always crucial to tipping the scales for one side or the other.

The Luckia bookmakerwho has already published their odds for the General Elections, believes that the right will come forward with more force and will win the elections. These are the fees for the party with the most votes:

In addition, you can also bet on it next governor. These are the options available and their respective fees:

How to bet on the parliamentary elections in Luckia

  1. Access… Luckia bookmaker. Click the button ‘Check in’ which you can find in the upper right part of the screen.
  2. Write the data that Luckia asks you to create your account and register in the house.
  3. Do one first income withdraw from your account using your preferred payment method.
  4. Enter the section “bets”. Access the menu politics and click on “Spain Elections” to see all the predictions available for betting.
  5. Select the fee you want to place your bet on and enter the amount of money you want to wager on the ticket.
  6. Click on bet and your bet is done.

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If you are looking for promotions and offers to place sports bets LuckWe remind you that it is currently not possible to request them if you are a new customer or a newly registered user. In order to request them, it is essential that you meet the three requirements set out by law: you must be a registered customer, you must have been with your created account for 30 days or more, and you must have completed your identity verification.

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