Aviator slot is a very fun and popular game in Italy and featured in many online casinos. This slot was created and produced by the provider Sribe. The task of the game is to control the flight of the plane and not to miss the moment when the plane leaves the screen. Let’s discover together the main rules of this fun slot machine and the best game strategies.

How do you play aviators?

There are two ways to play Aviator. The first option is to play “play money” to learn the rules and then play for pure and simple fun. The second is to play for “real money” and therefore with the possibility of losing or winning money.

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The game starts when you bet

The player acts as a controller, that is, he must watch the plane in flight, check the altitude reached and not lose the precise moment to block the probabilities.To. If the player does not cash out the winnings from flying the plane in time, their original bet will be lost.

It should be immediately emphasized that you can do this in the online slot Aviator place even more bets at the same time every single spin and all bets are independent of each other. At this point, the player can stop the odds of any individual bet if they think it is the best time to do so.

The maximum win is x1000

The payouts steadily increase as the plane’s flying seconds tick by during the game round. Aviator slot has a maximum payout that can reach x1000 and a minimum payout that is fixed at x1.

With each spin the win coefficient changes (so the plane can fly for a few seconds or for many seconds) and it’s impossible to predict because it’s based on a random number generator. However, it should be noted that the game offers the possibility to view the statistics (a bit like playing roulette) and these can be useful for the player.

Screenshot of the Aviator online slot machine

Screenshot of the Aviator online slot machine

Aviator slots: the best game strategies

As we have written before, It is impossible to predict how many seconds the plane will stay airborne for a single laphowever, since it is based on a random number generator, you can use strategies that increase your chances of winning.

One piece of advice we can give you is to settle for small steady wins, instead of hoping for the shot of life. As is predictable and mathematical, small payouts like X 1.3 or X 1.6 are much more likely than larger ones and this allows the player to win small but consistent amounts.

A second tip is to place two reverse bets per single spinto significantly reduce the risk of loss. A bet is minimal, the second highest. Once the first bet is won and the amount spent is refunded, you can try to win more with the second bet.

As always, at CasinoItaliaweb we always advise you to play with your head, the game is good as long as it remains a game.

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