He Topuria vs. Volkanovski he already has his Favourite. The major betting companies have published odds and predictions for the fight The next morning, Sunday the 18th…and we were able to draw some conclusions.

In this article we will describe the essentials in detail Betting odds of most famous betting offices and currently popular. The goal will be to find out which of the two fighters is the main favorite to do what they promise Fight of the year. Are you ready to meet him?

Favorite for Topuria to face Volkanovski at UFC 298

To conclude who he is favourite for him Topuria vs. Volkanovski We will look at market shares “Battle Winner”. In this section we can both bet on victory Ilia Topuria like the triumph of Alexander Volkanovski.

Remember that in addition to this type of bets, there are others in alternative markets. You can bet on that, for example Topuria wins by KOuntil Ilia wins the championship Winning by submission or because the Hispanic-Georgian will win in the first round. Also remember that we created one Betting guide Here you will find all the detailed information about the fight.

Who is the favorite for Topuria against Volkanovski? To answer this question, we relied on the odds we found from Codere, Sportium, TonyBet, 888sport and MARCAapuestas:

  • Codere: Volkanovsky win (1.95) | Topuria wins (1.75)
  • Sportium: Volkanovski wins (1.95) | Topuria wins (1.75)
  • Tonybet: Volkanovski wins (1.80) | Topuria wins (1.91)
  • 888sport: Volkanovski wins (1.90) | Topuria wins (1.75)
  • MARCAbets: Volkanovski wins (1.83) | Topuria win (1.93)

Of the five betting offices surveyed in three from them we find Topuria as favorite and in others two we see Volkanovsky with a slight advantage. We can conclude that the fight is very, very even and neither fighter seems to be far ahead. Everything can happen!

In case you want to bet on the fight, we remind you that the best odds apply to it Topuria It is that MARCAbets (1.93). If you would like to submit your prediction at VolkanovskyThe gaming websites with the highest ratings are those of Codere And Sportium (1.95).

How to bet on the favorite Topuria against Volkanovski

  1. Enter the betting shop you want to bet on. You can participate via any of our links.
  2. Click on the button ‘Check in’ which you can find in the upper right part of the screen.
  3. The Account creation form. Enter all information requested by the house to register.
  4. Run a first economic income Please use your preferred payment method.
  5. Enter the section betting, go in MMA either UFC and enter the fight.
  6. There you will see the fees for Bet on the favorite Topuria vs. Volkanovski. Click on the odds you want to use, enter the amount to bet on the bet slip and click ‘Bet’.

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