The South American Cup 2023 is facing its final stage and the betting shop of YoSports He has already published who is considered the favorite to win. Last after completing the group stage 29th of Julythey arrived ‘game start’ and the best teams of the tournament face the crucial games…

In the next few weeks, the games will be game start and between the months of August, September and October the eighths, quarters, semis and the big finalwhat will happen on 28th of October at the Centenario Stadium in Uruguay (Montevideo). who are they Candidates for the title? Then we’ll tell you!

Favorites for the Copa Sudamericana 2023 on YoSports

YoSports has already published his favorites to get the title next month of October. Let’s remember that now, after the group stage, the teams transferred from the Copa Libertadores still have to take part, which must be taken into account.

Argentina and Brazil are the most strongly represented countries South American Cup 2023the two great powers of South American football.

In YoSportsin addition to being able to bet on each individual game (where there are quite a number of events), you also have the option to place bets on this section ‘Competition’. This is basically a bet on the winner of the tournament. These are the 10 teams with the best chances of winning the Copa Sudamericana according to YoSports favorites list:

How to bet on the favorite to win the 2023 Copa Sudamericana

  1. Enter YoSports do Click this link. Click the button ‘Check in’ which you can find in the upper right part of the screen.
  2. Enter all data that YoSports will ask you to create your account.
  3. Do one first income with your preferred payment method.
  4. Enter the section “YoSports” To find all sports, click there football and click on Copa Sudamericana to find all available bets.
  5. Click on competition to find that Favorites to win the 2023 Copa Sudamericana.
  6. Click on the team you think will take the title. It is displayed in the betting slip and click Bet.

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