LeoVegas has been fined £1,320,000 (€1.6 million) by the UK Gambling Commission.

This penalty is set for multiple violations of social responsibility and anti-money laundering controls over a period of time. Between October 2019 And October 2020.

Check found without proof Criminal proceeds or “spending” at the casino.

Leanne Oxley, Executive and Information Director, said:We identified this issue through focused compliance activities and will continue to take action against other operators if they do not learn the lessons our enforcement work provides.

This case is yet another example of operators failing to protect their customers and failing to deal with money laundering risks in their business.

Fine, warning and future audit

In addition to the fine, the company that operates,,,, and was issued a section 117(1)(a) warning. . Gambling Act 2005 which deals with conditions, warnings, penalties, suspensions and revocations.

One of the conditions added to an operator’s license to carry on business in England is that under a Third party audit Ensure within 12 months that policies and procedures have changed in that time.

According to the commission, the operator Cooperated during the investigation and has taken appropriate measures to resolve any violation in the terms and conditions of the license.

In a summary published by the UKGC on its website, seven specific types of violations occurred, four listed under social responsibility and three listed as anti-money laundering failures.

Most of them are related to Custom trigger limits which the commission found to be too high. However, one failure was the lack of customer interaction guidance that was provided by the commission in 2019.

The cooling period of stimuli was six hours

One of those failures of social responsibility was as follows: “...setting six hours as the point at which customers were forced to take a 45-minute rest period without explaining how they came to the conclusion that playing for six hours was the point at which injury occurred.

Two of the three AML failures appear to cover both categories and violate the following:

  • “Overreliance on ineffective threshold triggers and insufficient information about how much a customer should be allowed to spend based on income or wealth or any other risk factor.”
  • “Improper controls that allow significant levels of gambling spending to be made in a short period of time without knowledge of customers’ financial status.

It was announced at the beginning of May MGM Resorts It was looking to buy LeoVegas to expand its massive portfolio of land-based properties, including the Borgata in Atlantic City, MGM Grand in Las Vegas and MGM Macau.

Source: The Gambling Commission fined LeoVegas £1.3miGaming Business, 3 Aug. 2022

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