R Franco (RF) of Madrid and MGA Games of Barcelona have released their third collaborative effort with the online version of RF Angels, an instant HTML5 browser-based game of the popular classification game that first launched in Spanish floor cabinets in 2016 – that year. R Franco’s online brand was born. This title is one of R Franco’s slots that is easily recognizable in local arcades, and now Spaniards can access the game from the comfort of their homes or wherever they roam.

Based on the Legacy TV series, Charlie’s Angels, a remake of the franchise in the early 2000s, the game’s popularity rose unexpectedly when Kristen Stewart, Elena Hagelin, and Ella Balinska joined the big screen adventure in 2019. As they do in the game, fearless heroes. From this narrative, they ply their trade in investigative work using all their feminine wiles, next generation technology, adrenaline and glamour. Non-stop action and excitement.

The online version is faithfully replicated for instant play in the Spanish market and no detail is overlooked. Adding to the “instant casino in your hand” effect is the addition of MGA Games’ triple display technology, which optimizes the gaming experience on any device, and a new mathematical model with average volatility.

This is R Franco’s third of six with MGA

The two companies went public earlier this year with the release of the legendary land-based slot game Santa Fe Mix to online casinos in late March, followed by the premium 3-reel game Gnomos Mix at the end of May. . This is the third release with three more on the way, completing the six-pack of games agreed upon this year.

Gameplay in RF Angels starts with 3 reels and one payline. Players collect points to unlock a bonus or top game. The top game uses bonus points plus credit with every non-winning spin with up to 8 paylines and extensive betting options. Free spins can be activated in the base game, and a jackpot selection game is unlocked after collecting enough icons. With multiple play areas and progressive achievements, AWP games like this can give players a sense of control and mastery over the game.

Look for 5 mini-games between the bottom screen (1) and the top game (4).

Players will find lavish cocktail parties, gold boxes, piles of jewels, art thieves, shooting range and more in mini-games aligned with the slot’s frantic narrative.

Visually, new mathematics

While the game retains all of its original glory, it has new math to make it more engaging, and the interface evokes memories of the game cabinet with its improvements, auto button, save button, and auto play. Auto mode button, according to a joint press release from R. Franco and MGA Games

Expect moderate swings from this new classic 3-reel online slot game.

Play the Spanish version or play the game in English.

Like the previous two games, RF Angels was released a few weeks early in select stores. Before July 25, RF Angels can be found at Bwin, Sportium, Pastón, Wanabet and Goldenpark.

Source: MGA Games and R Franco continue to conquer online casinos in Spain with RF AngelsEuropean Games, 25 July 2022

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