Danish gaming regulator to participate in anti-money laundering strategy

In recent years, various arms of the Danish government have assisted the Ministry of Justice in developing a nationwide strategy to combat money laundering and any potential for willing or unwitting assistance in the financing of terrorism.

The Danish gambling authority, Spillemyndigheden, issued a brief statement on July 20, announcing its intention and pleasure to participate in the use of this strategy.

In addition to including Spillemyndigheden in the strategy, the government also includes the Danish Business Authority, the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority and the Bar Council as partners. The government’s strategy document is only available online in Danish (See the .PDF here).

Joint press release of the ministersDanish only) praises the progress made in recent years in making organized crime operations increasingly difficult in the country and notes the need to strengthen and reinforce the current strategy that will continue until 2025.

The first pillar

It is a strategy Based on five pillars and will seek to implement it 21 strategic goals Before the end of the course

Ministers have found that money laundering has become more sophisticated, sophisticated and profitable for organized criminals. The government seeks to see, among other things Private actors and authorities Share, compare and coordinate According to the trends they see occurring.

One thing the government says It has to happen Increased tracking, identification and Confiscation of proceeds Economic crimes through increased concentration resulting from multilateral cooperation.

The gambling sector and non-profit institutions, along with money transfer and currency exchange companies, digital currencies, neo-banks and trading of valuable goods are areas that should be considered.

The rest of the strategy

Add to The first column is the other four columns Including a coherent, risk-based and targeted inspection effort. digital solutions and technology; Increasing international cooperation and ultimately strengthening the overall fight to identify, dismantle and cripple complex crimes, including organized crimes.

increasing the use of technology and digital solutions; Increasing international cooperation and cooperation between the private and public sectors are elements that have the potential to influence the gambling industry.

Justice Minister Matias Tesfaye says in a joint press release:Gang criminals and international tax evaders use money laundering to hide their illegal profits. That must stop.

Economic crimes cross national borders and the fight against economic crimes by the authorities goes beyond. Therefore, the government has already taken a number of initiatives to help prevent fraud. Among other things, a new unit was launched in the police that deals with this type of specific crimes and is placed on the table of new operational cooperation with private agents in the fight against money laundering.

MJ continued that more work needs to be done and that it is focused and shared The strategy will help fight organized crime And the people behind it

Source: Denmark has vowed to crack down on money laundering across the countryiGaming Business, 20 July 2022

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