BGaming is a developer of online casino games that are often found in Crypto casinos But over time, they find their way into the gaming ecosystem. All Modern Instant Casino games now come in HTL5 format to be played directly in a web browser.

The software development team at BGaming has Created an algorithm To compress the images in your gambling games which reduces the file size or weight of each game. The most obvious and visible result is that games can be downloaded and ready to play Half the time As they did before.

Compressing an image in a graphics file minimizes its size in bytes to the smallest possible size without reducing the quality or overall impact of the image. certain threshold The acceptability of compression greatly reduces the size of the file, which in some cases reduces the space required for storage, but in the case of HTML5 slots, it reduces the time required for storage. Download and launch Play

The overall weight of the BGaming collection has been 55% reduction With all games close to this average score. The consumers/gamers who will benefit the most from this are those with slower internet connections, those who pay for data as a commodity, and those who may have VPN restrictions. Unlike almost all other online casinos, many operators carry BGaming titles in full Allows visitors to use virtual proxy networks As an additional layer of security for Bitcoin gambling.

2 times faster download, without loss of image quality

Observers state that there is No significant damage In the graphic quality of the processed images, this can be due to the fact that the algorithm is able to determine the acceptable level of loss for each individual image and processes the compression function based on that data. This flexibility allows the program to heavily compress large areas that may have flat color or render a simple texture pattern while leaving highly detailed images as images. Sharp and clear As required for quality. According to reports, the script compresses images automatically and does not require manual adjustments from image to image or batch to batch.

Some legacy providers with large game catalogs struggled to convert or remake their content in time. End of support For the previous delivery format provided in the now defunct Flash player plugin. Many older titles were manually converted to HTML5 delivery with Major Artifacts and bloating in file size that can contain strings and parts of code that are no longer needed for the games to function properly. However, there have been plenty of BGaming titles Created since conversion And they are now Thin and light in structured file size, so all you have to do is reduce the weight of the images.

The most cumbersome catalog file was 38 MB. The script managed to cut it down to less than half its original size. The average game weight in the BGaming portfolio was 16.4 MB, which has now decreased to 7.3 MB, resulting in more than 70% of this company’s games come with a 10 MB cable. According to this notice, “… The graphics quality is not changed for the end user or the compression is not visible to the naked eye.

Fast loading of games makes players happy

BGaming Front End Leader Yury Kovetsky said:At first glance, image compression automation is easy, but none of the ready-made solutions can provide optimization without quality loss. We have chosen the most complex way and developed our algorithm to meet all our needs and those of our customers. We have increased the load times of all our games and continue to work on this to provide the best possible experience for players.

The implementation of innovation must have Multiple impact effects and benefits for players and operators. Players want their games to Download as soon as possible. And especially for bonus features that start working as soon as possible after a feature launch. They also want games to be stable and not interrupted by slow load times. When the players are happy, the operator can be happy and give the players more involvement in the game.

Alexander, Director of Gaming Providers at N1 Partners, commented:Like many operators, we see Africa and Latin America as promising regions due to their economic dynamism and enthusiasm for online gaming. However, the opportunities come with many challenges. For example, to join the Nigerian iGaming market, an operator needs to provide players with lightweight content that can be loaded and played quickly. The BGaming suite is now optimized to overcome these challenges and deliver high-quality entertainment regardless of the player’s location.

Source: BGaming to improve loading time of games with advanced compression algorithmEuropean Games, 27 July 2022

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