casino_close_end_Macau casinos They showed a green light open again midnight on Saturday under the partial rules and continued entry and exit restrictions for the city.

At the same time, a new version of the former Portuguese blockade may be created – Macau Free from colonial historythe frenzied violence of the early days, disorderly and without the need for masks or social distancing.

While there is no overt reference to the inclusion of a gambling component in the wider media, NFTs are involved, and a new metaverse retelling with Some elements It has been under construction for some time.

Starting with otherworldly reimaginings of the meeting spaces there at the start of the global health emergency in 2020, visionaries and entrepreneurs are developing tools to More services than gambling And the other is healthy Less than acceptable practices That always happens where people and money, a lot of money, accumulate.

“MICE” stands for it Metermeetings, Iencouragers, Jconferences, and eExhibitions For several years, the Beijing government has pressured Macao businesses to become MICE and family-friendly. Acceptable cultural offerDominant sector of the economy

Going back to some figures from the first quarter of 2019, long before anyone heard of a new pandemic, the Statistics and Census Service (DSEC) there reported about 377 MICE events in the first 3 months of the year with 333,000 The participant has registered – incremental. 19.9 percent compared to the same period last year.

Nearly 1,000 individual exhibitors participated in those events. According to the data from the Macau Institute of Trade and Investment Development (IPIM).

While MICE events in virtual reality channels during the pandemic may have given some organizers and attendees comfort, there is also a business argument for focusing more on data integration. Macau in the real world to an experience that can be offered to almost anyone anywhere in the world.

Weather and conditions will follow you there

Virtual visitors in the future can likely expect the same strict dress codes and other filters when visiting a Macau property in Macau in Metaversion as they might find now, along with the same supposed classism and prejudices.

All rules are fluid in elite institutions for the right.

Something for now It happens completely differently. Highly pixelated NFTs in APE Nightclub in Mini Macau It could help level the playing field for some.

It’s more like an 8-bit video game running on a 10k CRT TV than the original virtual reality experience of games like Red Matter 2 – Mini Macau come to life.

When blockchain finally makes the leap to address the needs of real-world players who are currently burning through hundreds of millions of dollars while people stay away, you might be able to build a tactile glove that lets you swipe chips. Feel when lying down. They take them down… You might hear the shuffler, and you might experience the same visceral reactions to winning and losing each hand – but that will never happen in Mini Macau.

Only the democratization of AI and a centralized community that will support it Nothing less than absolute excellence And Kamal can bring this idea to life.

With billions of dollars to pour Macau is still standing

Macao’s businesses are surviving an economic brutality that began with a government crackdown, after reimagining a violent and declining pirate town with multibillion-dollar casinos into a family-friendly Disneyland, and ultimately the devastation of Covid and the first ever export regime. Re-licensing in the zone walk on a tight wire.

How it will translate into the universe is anyone’s guess. Now, the casinos are open again.

Casinos accept gamblers

After a two-week shutdown of Macau’s casinos amid the burning of millions of dollars in daily value, the doors and tables are once again open in the former Portuguese region of Macau.

As of Friday night, 35 limited-service gaming venues had reopened after the Chinese government shut down all non-essential businesses in the city of about 600,000 people for two weeks in a bid to prevent a possible surge of Covid-19 there.

As a Special Administrative Region (SAR) of China, Macau is subject to the country’s “Covid-Zero” policy.

Nearly 2,000 people have tested positive there over the past few weeks, and no new social transmissions were reported on Saturday, over the weekend.

Typically, there is strong traffic between Macau, China’s neighboring city of Zhuhai, and another SAR, Hong Kong. Human traffic includes workers as well as tourists.

While casinos and other non-essential businesses are now allowed to operate, access to the gambling hub — the only one in China with a population of more than 1.4 billion — is still severely restricted.

Casinos are currently 50 percent staffed, and guests must maintain 2 square meters, or about 20 square feet, of personal space.

According to A Report on GGRAsiabrokerage Daiwa Capital Markets Hong Kong Ltd does not expect testing and travel restrictions to return to normal before the end of September.

Source: APE White Paper on Metaverse for Casino Resort MarketingGGRAsia, 26 July 2022

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