Friday, July 22n.d2022 Nottingham Forest have announced one of their best recent signings as they have just landed their attacking midfielder/winger. Jesse Lingard In a free transfer since Nottingham Forest returned to the English Premier League (EPL), the move is one of the most vital.

The English midfielder and sometimes winger was made available after his 22-year association with Manchester United ended this off-season.

Jesse’s move to Nottingham Forest was revealed publicly today and Lingard is 11.the seventh – The signing of promoted Nottingham Forest Football Club as they prepare for their first gameStreet – The game season in English Premier League Since 1999.

The entire duration of the contract signed by Lingard Nottingham Forest No word yet, but the club’s fans are sure to be excited that he will be with them, at least for the foreseeable future.

The 29-year-old English footballer spent 2n.d – Half of the 2020-2021 European football season on loan with West Ham Football club. There he managed to score nine goals – in his 16 years – in league starts, and Lingard was linked with a permanent move to the London outfit.

Another football player who was on the move via free transfer, the favorite defender in Ben May. May joined Brentford FC after his contract with Brentford FC Burnley The football club has recently expired.

May 11 spent last season with Burnley. Burnley have just been relegated from the Premier League in May 2022 and May has formed a strong partnership at the center – Support James Tarkovsky. Tarkovsky followed suit and decided to leave Burnley this season. James ended up signing him Everton Before the next European football season 2022-2023.

Jesse Lingard’s football achievements, honors and awards

Manchester United Academy

  • Youth Cup: 2010-2011

Manchester United

  • National Cup: 2015-2016
  • EFL Cup: 2016 – 2017
  • FA Community Shield: 2016
  • Europa League: 2016-2017

United Kingdom

  • UEFA Nations League third place: 2018-2019


  • Premier League Player of the Month: April 2021
  • Premier League Goal of the Month: April 2021

Ben May’s professional achievements, honors and awards in football


  • Football league championship: 2015-2016


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