Thursday, July 28the seventh2022 Everton football club announced that it has decided to recruit the English winger. Dwight McNeillThe winger came third from relegation club Burnley for a reported £20 million or $24 million.rd Football player to move to Goodison Park to play for Everton Football Club in the 2022 European Football Off-Season.

MacNeill’s former team-mate at Burnley FC, centre-back James Tarkovskyalso attached Evertonand left-back, Reuben Vinagresigned for Everton on loan from Sporting Clube de Portugal on Wednesday, July 27the seventh2022.

McNeill, who has now officially signed a five-year deal, is a former England Under-21 international who made 140 appearances for the club. BurnleyFC After he joined the Manchester United Football Academy.

Everton itself barely escaped relegation English Premier League (EPL) under their head coach in Frank Lampard in the previous 2021-2022 European football season.

“I’ve been a fan of Dwight for a while.” Everton manager Frank Lampard has commented on England’s home-grown Dwight McNeill.

Lampard continues: He has great talent and is exactly the kind of player we want to help us develop.


Associated Press News Service Everton have signed Dwight McNeill from relegated Burnley. Associated Press, Thursday, July 28, 2022.

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