On Thursday, August 4the seventh2022 Major League Baseball Announced that the Chicago Cubs and St. Louis Cardinals will play in London during the June 2023 MLB season. Major League Baseball plans to return to London for the first time next year during the 2023 MLB season.Street – Time of the 2019 MLB season.

Major League Baseball released a statement on Thursday, August 4ththe seventh2022 that St. Louis Cardinals And the Chicago Cubs will play a 2 game series on June 24ththe seventh2023 and June 25the seventh2023, in historical and legendary London Stadium. The National League Central Division rivals were originally scheduled to play in London in 2020, but those games had to be canceled due to the fact that the world was dealing with bigger issues like the devastating coronavirus pandemic.

“The Cardinals are excited and honored to be a part of the London Series next year.” St. Louis Cardinals president Bill DeWitt Jr. noted. The Cardinals-Cubs rivalry is one of the best in sports, and bringing it to Europe will be exciting for new audiences.

Last time Major League Baseball We actually played a ballgame in London during the summer of the 2019 MLB season when New York Yankees They lost their 2 game series against their rivals in the American League East division in the major league Boston Red Sox. These games were also held in London Stadium in June 2019. These were also Major League Baseball 1Street – Regular season games always played abroad in Europe.

both Chicago Cubs Also, the St. Louis Cardinals have played international games before as the Chicago Cubs opened their 2000 MLB season in Tokyo, Japan against the New York Mets, and they also played a 3-game series against Montreal. . Exhibitions in San Juan, Puerto Rico, during the 2003 Major League Baseball season. particle for direct object St. Louis Cardinals In 2019, he played a 2-game series against the Cincinnati Reds in Mexico.

London’s MLB series between the Cubs and the Cardinals has been years in the making And we’re thrilled to finally be able to bring one of baseball’s greatest rivalries to fans overseas in 2023. Chicago Cubs president Tom Ricketts said.

The 2023 London Series is part of an international game landscape plan signed last March in a working agreement between Major League Baseball and MLB Players Association. The international board is also planning more games in London in 2024 and 2026.Street The MLB games in France will be held in 2025, the annual Mexico City, Mexico MLB games should also be scheduled from 2023 to 2026, an Asian opener in 2024, and a Tokyo, Japan opener during the 2025 MLB season.

The Games will be a great opportunity to once again showcase London Stadium as a multi-purpose venue and asset for the capital.” The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, explained. “The St. Louis Cardinals and Chicago Cubs are two of the best clubs in baseball to support, and I know they will be well received here in the sports capital of the world next summer.”


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