Credit cards are one of the safest, most reliable payment methods for online gambling. In fact, some casinos like Las Atlantis and El Royale even offer withdrawals to your card.

Beyond that, many credit cards offer rewards such as bonus points or flight miles. If you’re wondering what the best options are, you’ve come to the right place. On this page, we will dive into best credit cards that allow online gambling on casino sites.

All About Credit Cards for Online Gambling

Best Credit Cards for Online Gambling [ 2022 ]

Some cards are issued from your bank and added to the money you already have. Unlike debit cards, which casinos do not accept, you will see a credit company logo on them. Real credit cards are essentially a lending system that allows you to spend money and pay it back with interest.

Most online gambling sites offer deposits with both types of cards, but there may be limitations set by card issuer or state laws. Let’s take a look at Best credit cards for online gambling in the USA.


Visa credit card

Visa is the most well-known and widely accepted form of payment worldwide, including online casinos.

They offer several benefits for cardholders, such as flight miles and discounts on hotels or shopping. There are no deposit fees attached to their card, but gambling sites may impose additional costs on their part.

If you have a bank issued card, your ability to use it on online gambling sites may depend on the bank’s regulations. TD Bank is one of them recently removed its restrictions on casino sites. Of course, it still has to be within the parameters of legality, depending on the state.

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Main Board


MasterCard is the second largest credit card company worldwide and is often used for online gambling. They offer DoorDash, VIP experiences and fun benefits on travel.

Deposits do not have any fees attached, but withdrawals may have some fees, and these processes can take up to five business days. Bank-issued MasterCards that allow online gambling are much harder to find, so real credit cards are a safer option.

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American Express

American Express

While American Express is another top name to the credit less popular for gambling. There aren’t many online casinos that accept American Express, but there are still a few top rated options.

A few AMEX credit cards have annual fees that must be followed, and casino withdrawals can also take up to five days to process. Said, AMEX has the same benefits as MasterCard and Visa.

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Other options

  • Discover: This is a less accepted credit card but still a viable option. There are plenty of legit casinos that use Discover if that’s your preferred form of payment.
  • Gift Cards: Most gambling sites that accept a major credit card also receive a prepaid credit branded gift card. A great option for those without a bank account.

Instead of researching which online casinos take credit cards for gambling, check out the list of top rated gambling sites compiled by our experts!

Tips for Using Credit Cards for Online Gambling in the USA

Using Credit Cards for Online Gambling in the USA

Currently, credit cards are a widely accepted form of payment for online gambling in the USA. However, this It may depend on several factors. The bank you use, the situation you are in, the gambling site and the type of card are factors that can affect their potential.

A bank may refuse your online casino payment if you don’t warn them. upcoming international transactions. Make sure that offshore casinos are in a legal gray area. research your local laws before opening an online gambling account.

How Can I Prevent My Credit Card From Dropping Online Casino Deposits?

There are several ways to gamble with your credit card while avoiding limitations and regulations. You can use your card to deposit funds to an e-wallet or buy and transact cryptocurrencies. Many casinos also accept prepaid gift cards.

Using Prepaid Credit Cards for Online Casinos

Prepaid credit cards are actually gift cards. You can use any form of payment to purchase for almost any balance.

These cards are a great option for anyone who wants to cash in on credit card gambling sites or doesn’t have a bank account. Not to mention, they are readily available at many retail outlets or online.

Credit Card Alternatives for Online Gambling Deposits

If credit cards aren’t your thing, there are tons of alternative options for banking on casino gambling sites. Take a look at the methods below. All of them are legal and safe forms of depositing money at the casino.

  • Crypto: Crypto gambling involves using forms of digital money based on uber-secure technology to transfer money. They do not require any form of identification and are accepted by many online casinos.
  • eControls: They are just like paper checks, but they are sent online rather than by mail. Online casinos encrypt all information in the transaction to ensure security.
  • Bank transfer: This is an electronic way of sending money from a bank to another entity, such as an online casino. You need a bank account to use this option.
  • Cashapp: Cashapp is a mobile platform for transferring money or crypto from one person to another, or in this case a gambling site. It’s direct, fast and secure, but only available to people in the US and UK.
  • Paypal: Paypal is a multinational online banking service. It is available in over 200 countries, but not all casinos accept its transactions.

Deposit With Your Favorite Credit Card and Play On Legal Sites!

There’s a banking method for everyone out there, but credit cards are the most popular choice for online casino enthusiasts for a reason. They are consistently safe, secure and reliable when playing on any gambling site.

So wait no longer and sign up for one of our recommended gambling sites that accept credit cards today!

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