Tuesday, July 26the seventh2022, FC Bayern Munich announced that they have signed the young and exciting 17-year-old French striker from Rennes. Mathis Telin a deal that is reportedly worth approximately 30 million euros ($30.6 million).

Tell plays as a forward, but can be featured in a variety of positions including centre-forward as well as wing-forward. Mattis already had a contract with him Ren which was supposed to last until 2024.

Bayern Munich did not publicly or definitively announce the duration of the new deal, nor did they speculate on the transfer fee from Rennes. Kicker magazine recently reported German Bundesliga The club was willing to pay the youngster 15 million euros ($15.3 million) at the time of signing, with the rest of the money on the new contract contingent on Tell’s performance and achievements in the game. So there seems to be a lot of motivation in this deal between Mattis and Bayern Munich.

He is a very young talented player, he can play in many positions, center forward, winger. He’s very quick, strong, with his whole body, good on the ball…also good, deep runs. Head coach of Bayern Munich Julian NagelsmanHe stated just a week ago during his club’s American tour. “I hope he gets comfortable with that group as soon as possible. He might score a few goals.”

Nagelsmann pointed out that Tell is by no means a direct replacement for Germany’s Bundesliga top scorer Robert Lewandowski, who recently left Bayern Munich for Barcelona this off-season.

He is not a person for Levi Nagelsman continues. I think it’s normal when you talk about his age and his time in professional football. But he can be one of the best strikers one day and this is our goal and plan. “We always try to find young players with good talent who can become world-class players and he can be one of those players.”

Tell had previously played just 10 times for Rennes without scoring in those games, but his performances as a youth player included winning the European Under-17 Championship. Captain of France Last month brought him to the forefront of Europe’s biggest football clubs. Only time will tell if Mattistel is the real deal when it comes to playing with the big boys in all of Europe’s top football competitions.

Tel is a very interesting player that we have been following for a long time. CEO of Bayern Munich Oliver Kahnexplained. “An incredibly good talent.”

Mathis Tel football achievements, honors and awards

France U-17

  • European Under-17 Championship (2022)


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