Batfred has expanded its presence in South Africa by buying online lottery betting and live dealer casino provider LottoStar.

The deal extends Betfred’s continued participation in the South African market, which includes the acquisition of Betting World in 2020, another licensed betting operator that was originally part of Phumelela online betting. Batfred was initially rejected a year ago in an attempt to acquire the digital business of a betting operator and a South African heritage track.

In addition to the betting world, Batfred has already acquired a majority stake in Sepals Sportsbet in South Africa.

Even more betting shops

With around 1,500 street betting shops in the UK, Batfred now has more than 50 shops in South Africa. Lottostar players also have over 70 locations where coupons can be purchased for online play.

Instead of offering a messaging service for global lottery tickets, because the sale of international lottery tickets is not legal in South Africa, Lottostar uses the insurance model to provide fixed-odds betting on lottery results. Jackpots are paid directly from the insurer and all smaller prizes are paid by LottoStar in the same way as most online casino betting terms.

According to the site, “LottoStar has a bookmaker license issued by economic regulator Mpumalanga and operates as a fixed-odds online betting company.”

In a message welcoming the Batfred family to the Batfred family, Joan Whitaker, CEO of Batfred, said the company has a majority stake in the company it runs and runs. Tasula Haji Giorgio.

Fast-growing business

Whitaker expanded the announcement:We look forward to partnering with such a fast growing company in South Africa, which will complement not only our operations in South Africa but also our international trade in the United States and Europe. We look forward to working closely with the LottoStar team to support the continued growth of the global gaming and gaming business in the South African online betting market.

Haji Giorgio added:LottoStar was founded in 2014 as a family business with an innovative model for providing a fixed-odds online betting platform in South Africa. As an online betting leader in South Africa, we are excited to partner with one of the UK’s best betting companies.

We are confident that this partnership will expand our offerings and provide the highest quality services to our customers. Our partnership also paves the way for further cooperation and expansion, and we are excited for the growth of our family.

We are confident that this partnership will expand our offerings and provide the highest quality services to our customerss. “

In addition to mobile sports betting, street betting shops, an extensive US network, and new SA businesses, it has a comprehensive online gambling site with RNG games, live games and sports.

Source: Batfred owns a majority stake in LottoStar South AfricaGamblingInsider, June 24, 2022

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