With the shutters drawn at 12:01 a.m. Monday, all Macau casinos and other non-essential businesses have been forced to close for seven days to help authorities contain the outbreak of Covid-19, which was first announced on June 19. become Being able to including outbreaks It will be specified in the seven-day temporary shutdown window One Month Since the first cases were publicly reported.

City 600,000 and A single hospital which has caused too much stress on a daily basis Temporary medical facilities If the outbreak worsens significantly and has ordered or negotiated with hoteliers who have already started using them. Properties as quarantine centers.

Hotels other than those directly closed by a public health emergency Allowed to remain open Like other essential businesses such as supermarkets, mini markets and restaurants. However, the restaurants are not open for dine-in and only accept takeout orders.

Officials have asked residents Avoid going out Unless it is necessary to do so.

The closure of casinos and other businesses was announced at a press conference by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Saturday.

Not exactly a lock

Macao’s Minister of Administration and Justice, Andre Cheung Weng Chun, balanced the issue by saying that individuals and companies violating the measure could face charges. He also said:It’s not exactly a quarantine, it’s us Not forbidding people from going out. But we hope that with the cooperation of commercial centers and the support of the people, we can reduce pedestrian traffic in the community to the minimum possible.According to a report in GGRAsia.

Hotels large and small across the city, mainly in Kutay, are cooperating with the government to detain people who have been exposed or may be at risk. The smallest known property so far is the Rocks Hotel with 70 rooms Macao Fisherman’s Wharf. It will be used to house people with a “yellow” code for medical observation.

The Cotai “Strip” lies in a 2 square mile section of man-made land between Taipa and Kowloon Islands in Sik Pai Bay to the east of Macau, but is considered part of the Special Administrative Region and ultimately under Chinese control.

Nearly 500 rooms in the east wing Grand Palace of Lisbon In Cotai have also been added 300 rooms in a single tower The City of Dreams is Grand Hyatt Macau – Also short.

other Large scale properties Currently in use as Quarantine centers Includes both towers of Sheraton Grand Macau at Londoner Macau (formerly Sand Kuta), where an outbreak was previously reported in a small section of the mall. The second Sands property in Kuta that was requested is 2,300 rooms Parisian Macao Hotel.

The original Grand Lisboa was locked on July 11 after allowing gamblers. About 500 staff, guests and residents are still there in “red” quarantine.

Workers are adjusting but worried

The lives and obligations of casino workers do not stop when their employers help the government comply with infectious disease policy. According to a separate report in GGRAsia, most workers are willing to accept compensation for being away from work. Generally, this includes one additional day of paid leave for every seven days of mandatory leave, regardless of compensation for the base week.

Operators are offering different compensation incentives to workers due to the uneven nature of tourist flows amid the initial outbreak and changes in mainland Chinese policy that have seen wide fluctuations in visitor numbers. Some compensation packages began when the government asked workers to stay home but casinos remained open.

Most, if not all, operators have experienced a decline in revenue with negative quarterly earnings, while numbers in Las Vegas have broken a record of more than $1 billion a month for the 15th consecutive month.

All casinos are operating on temporary licenses with official 10-year license bidding expected to begin in December.

In separate conversations with labor activists Chloe Chao and Stephen Lao Ka Wong, Mr Lau told GGRAsia:Many fear that their current salaries will one day be cut because their employers are constantly burning through cash. They fear that these rights will be lost when the game companies get their new franchises, and they fear reliving what happened in 2008 when a lot of layoffs and various labor issues surfaced.

Source: Macau casinos will be closed for 7 days from July 11GGRAsia, 11 July 2022

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